EDITORIAL: 10 Must Haves For The WONDER WOMAN Movie

EDITORIAL: 10 Must Haves For The WONDER WOMAN Movie

A Wonder Woman film has been one of the most talked about movies in development hell history. It has been in so many stages and ultimately has nothing to show. With a DCCU on the rise, here is a 10 step Bible to making a Wonder Woman film. Hit the jump to check it out, I promise you won't be disappointed!

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After Man of Steel became a huge box office success a DC Cinematic Universe is inevitable, but in order to have a Cinematic Universe, you must have more than one Superhero. I have done two of these articles and so far I have covered a Green Lantern reboot and a Batman reboot, but now I send my focus on someone different and not a reboot at all. One character who has been calling for a feature film for quite some time now is DC’s only female powerhouse, Wonder Woman. But the question that has been thrown around Hollywood for decades is “How do you make a Wonder Woman movie?” and here’s how you do it!

1. Respect The Character

Wonder Woman is one of DC’s best characters and one of the best female characters in all of fiction. Her story is both unique and diverse and still having a fantastic puncher. Admittedly I am not the biggest Wonder Woman fan in fact I have never read a Wonder Woman comic book. So I am probably the worst person to be writing this, but with a little thing called “the internet” I now know a lot (I think). If Warner Bros’ want to make a successful Wonder Woman movie they must respect the character as much as a movie studio can. The worst thing Warner Bros’ could do with Wonder Woman is to make a movie about a character that is completely different from the source material millions of people grew up with. I understand changing a few things about the character, but don’t change everything… I repeat do not change everything.

2. Warner Bros’ Should Be Confident With The Film

This is what separates Green Lantern from Man Of Steel. Warner Bros’ were incredibly confident with Man Of Steel and look how successful that was. While on the other hand, WB had no confidence in 2011’s Green Lantern. The marketing for the film sucked and you could see how the studio didn’t really care. If Warner Bros’ want to have another successful franchise with Wonder Woman the studio would really have to have confidence in the film. If Warner Bros’ does not care about the film, then why would the general audience care?

3. Find A Director Who Cares About The Character

This is the most crucial part of the film. If you can’t find a director who cares for the character, we’d have another Green Lantern. In comic book movies nowadays, the directors and staff behind the film usually care a lot about the character they are making the film on. Look at Sam Raimi, he had a Spider-Man painting in his bedroom when he was younger and over the course of his three Spidey flicks, his love for the wall-crawler was evident. Wonder Woman is the most popular female superhero, so it won’t be that hard to find a director who loves the character. One director I have thought of directing a Wonder Woman film for a long time is Sofia Coppola, she is one of the best female directors out there right now. Although she has never directed a comic book movie, I feel as though she will eventually and Wonder Woman might be the perfect one.

4. Update The Character

Wonder Woman was created in the 1940’s. Around that time women didn’t really have the power they have nowadays. You’d never see a girl in politics or running a country in the 40’s, but now it’s a common thing. So for Wonder Woman we have to make the character important and be true to the comics, while updating her for a new audience. Back in the original comics, Wonder Woman was a secretary for the Justice League Of America; yes that’s right a secretary. The more recent Wonder Woman comics have updated the character and still they are a fun read, which should translate well from comic to screen.

5. Wonder Woman Kills

One badass thing about Wonder Woman is that she kills, that’s the thing that sets her apart from the rest of The League, except the fact she is a woman… Anyway, Wonder Woman is a killer she isn’t looking for truth and justice she is looking to clean the streets and the way she does it, is kill. Gods trained Wonder Woman; she has been trained as though every situation is war. She kills for the greater good. She doesn’t battle criminals to bring them to justice, she battles them and kills them, and she is a killing machine.

6. She Is Confortable With Her Body And Sexuality

Wonder Woman is not like any other female on the face of the Earth, she is confortable with her body and sexuality. Most females nowadays get depressed from being “fat” or not having a boyfriend. Wonder Woman doesn’t give a shit about any of that, I think that’s something that females’ need. While us men have multiple superheroes to look up to, females need someone to look up to and Wonder Woman is the perfect superhero to look up to. Having a hero like Wonder Woman exist in our modern world would help so many girls, the way Wonder Woman is so strong and cares so little for her look and social life is something that females need. If Wonder Woman were to have a film, a lot of these depressed girls would turn to Wonder Woman as their hero and saviour.

7. A Good Villain

Wonder Woman’s rogue gallery sucks. Okay, I’m just putting it out there. Her rogue’s gallery is like Superman’s. The problem with Wonder Woman’s rogue gallery is that there is so much potential for awesomeness, it’s just the villains are made to be so boring. Wonder Woman really has one main villain, Ares. In the first Spider-Man movie, the main villain was Spidey’s greatest foe, the Green Goblin. So for the Wonder Woman movie, why not use Wonder Woman’s most popular villain? Ares is a badass character he has so much potential to be an awesome villain. Ares is a Greek god, so he can defiantly give Wonder Woman a physical challenge as much as a physiological problem. Of course you could throw in a villain who is a female to set up for the sequel or Justice League movie.

8. Costume Can’t Be Slutty

Well don’t say you didn’t see this coming. Wonder Woman’s costume in the comics is… pretty slutty. I mean, it’s sexy and hot but it won’t translate well on the big screen, and we don’t need any female rights people protesting against the movie. The costume in the movie should resemble a costume with long pants, I mean I love the short short look for Wonder Woman, but that’s something that belongs in games and comic books. In a world we Anne Hathaway in a full body suit and Scarlett Johansson in a full body suit with a zip can look hot as hell, I’m sure we can get Wonder Woman looking sexy without looking like a slut. I saw an argument the other day, where one user said "does that mean Olympians are sluts because of their short uniform?" Well, there's a difference between an Olympian and a goddess who is about to go to battle and could die.

9. Why Should The Audience Watch It?

Okay, so a Wonder Woman film is very unpredictable. It could either be a huge success or it could be the biggest failure of all time. Okay maybe not the last one, but the film could back fire. For Warner Bros’ and DC they need to ask themselves what would make the audience even want to see this movie? I mean a Woman who fights things, you could just watch MMA and not pay anything, but why does the audience want to watch this film? Why does the audience want to see this movie? Well, you have to give them a hook. Why did people see Man Of Steel? Because it was the start of a DC Universe… and the trailers looked badass. If WB want another success like Man Of Steel they need to give the audience a reason to go see it.

10. No Gina Carano

Alas we come to another “No inset actor’s name here”; one actress I am against playing Wonder Woman in the DC Cinematic Universe is Gina Carano. It’s not anything personal between Carano and myself it’s just that I don’t see Carano as Wonder Woman. Carano is huge, she is massive, and if you see the comics/cartoons Wonder Woman is not a massive figure. I mean she is quite slim. I have three actresses who I believe could play Wonder Woman.

Paula Patton:
The first is Paula Patton who was seen in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, now if we were to see a live action Wonder Woman, she would most likely look like she did in Injustice: Gods Among Us, Paula has that sexy but fierce look that Wonder Woman needs.

Adrianne Palicki:
Another actress I would pick is Adrianne Palicki, she was cast as Wonder Woman in the cancelled show from 2011, and nowadays she is hot. She was in the second G.I Joe movie this year and kicked ass in that. She seems to have a love for the character and would play a wonderful Wonder Woman if given the right script and direction.

Kate Beckinsale:
The final actress I would pick would be the gorgeous but badass action star, Kate Beckinsale. While Kate is in her late 30’s, last year’s Total Recall proved that she can still handle the action that would be required in order to play Wonder Woman. While all three of these actresses are much better actresses than Gina Carano, it bothers me that people still throw her name into the role as it would be complete and utter nonsense for her to play the role.


Sadly that draws a close to another “10 Must Haves…” you know I’m really enjoying writing these and I hope you guys are enjoying reading them! Now I’m stuck on what I should do next, I have two ideas and I’ll let you guys decide. In the comments below you tell me, either THE FLASH or AQUAMAN. As always you can find me on Twitter, so feel free to start a conversation. So thanks again guys, I’m Khan and I’m out for now!

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