Is Gal Gadot "Wonder" Enough for Wonder Woman?

Is Gal Gadot "Wonder" Enough for Wonder Woman?

Upon confirmation that Wonder Woman will be appearing in the sequel to 2013's Man of Steel alongside the Dark Knight detective Batman (Ben Affleck), actress Gal Gadot, who is set to play the Amazonian Princess is already receiving her "fair" share of criticism

And it starts all over again. The casting criticism. Only this time, I'm criticizing the critics here. And this time, the critics are after Gal Gadot, who has recently been cast as Wonder Woman.

You know what's funny? I had my issues with Batfleck, but I have completely turned around and am eagerly waiting to see his portrayal of the Dark Knight detective. MY criticisms at the time of the announcement of Affleck as Batman, wasn't about his look, it was his acting capability. Then again, the man has two Oscars and Daredevil was 10 years ago so... I'll give it a shot. And I believe Matt Damon said it best: "It's Batman, not King Lear." We've given Chris Evans, Halle Berry, Ryan Reynolds, and others multiple shots at the superhero genre, why not Ben?

Now, with Gal Gadot, you know what people's complaints are? Not acting capability. No, it's her size. Her breasts? I've heard some complaints about that but that's not what the majority of the complaints are about. They're about her weight. Her muscle - or lack thereof.

You mean to tell me, that people think that Zack Snyder, the director of 300 and Man of Steel, is going to have his Wonder Woman be... whatever weight and size Gadot currently is? You're joking. On what Earth do you think that? This one?? Snyder will send the cast, as he's done with 300 and Man of Steel, straight to Gym Jones to build muscle and create the necessary physique for the role. He's shown he's actually obsessed with this "human perfection" image in many of his films. Often times pushing his actors to their physical limitations and then some... AND then going back into post-production and enhancing it further with CGI (which he loves, by the way). So, don't worry, your new Wonder Woman will bulk up, I'm sure.

Henry Cavill, the new Superman, did it.

Michael Shannon, General Zod, did it.

Antje Traue, Faora, did it.

Gerard Butler, David Wenham, and the entire damn cast of 300, did it.

And you don't think Snyder's going to have her, Gal Gadot, gain some pounds?

I suppose the internet and fans were pissed when they found out that Christian Bale, who, at the time, recently appeared in The Machinist at only 120lbs, looking just like a walking skeleton, was cast as Batman, right? No. People were concerned if he'd be able to reach the necessary weight in time, but they knew they weren't going to get a 120lb Batman. They were more concerned if he was going to reach his goal of 210lb, or max out at around 190lbs. Well, we got Batman Begins and as comic book legend Stan Lee would say, 'nuff said.

The casting call for the role of Wonder Woman even mentions that those lucky women auditioning should expect some intense training. And why not? You're only playing the "female superman" of "comicbook-dom". The Lynda Carter days are over. You're packing on some muscle with Zack Snyder and company.

Interestingly enough, fan's criticisms regarding this particular matter actually irks me. I'm perfectly fine with people having preconceived notions about an actor's acting capability. It's fine to me. You're judging someone's ability based on past evidence. Sure, the actor has most likely improved their technique, picked up some new methods of acting, and probably did an amazing audition that you weren't privy to, but you're going based on what you have seen, right? Observations and all. There's evidence, there's proof, there's something concrete. Their filmography. You didn't see the audition? You get a pass. A select few only saw that. But you know what you have seen? The two dozen movies they did before that. So, judge away nerds and geeks!

But to be believe an actor cannot gain weight? When they're working with a director notorious for making his actors pack on the extra muscle? Something doesn't add up. I would believe that the evidence shows that we can expect Gal Gadot to add on at least 20 lbs of muscle. Isn't that a fair conclusion?

Find something else about her to critique. Because we all know, if there's something comic book fans like to do, it's critique. And I'm posting this today letting you know I'm guilty of doing it myself. But even I think it's within reason. This however? Nonsense.
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