LONG SHOT Star Charlize Theron Reveals Which Role She Turned Down In WONDER WOMAN And Why

LONG SHOT Star Charlize Theron Reveals Which Role She Turned Down In WONDER WOMAN And Why

Nearly two years ago, Charlize Theron said that she came close to reuniting with Monster director Patty Jenkins on Wonder Woman. However, it's only now that the role she refused has been revealed...

Charlize Theron found a great deal of success alongside director Patty Jenkins with Monster so it didn't really surprise anyone when the actress revealed that she'd been offered a role in Wonder Woman. The fact she turned it down was the bigger shock, though, and the Long Shot star has finally revealed what led to her passing on the DC Comics adaptation. 

"I did not turn the role of Wonder Woman down," she confirms in the video below. "This is a great example of how Hollywood slaps you in the face when you start aging. So somebody had said to me, 'There's action on this thing, Wonder Woman, we just want to make you aware of it,' and I was like, 'I'm not familiar with it, I mean, what does Wonder Woman do?'"

"And then this person said, 'No, it's for Wonder Woman's mom.' It's fine,"
she continued. "It was the defining moment where I crossed over. And I wasn't fully aware of it."

Theron clearly wasn't happy being offered the role of Wonder Woman's mother rather than Diana Prince herself due to the fact she's 43 (compared to Gal Gadot, who is 34). The actress would go on to prove that she can lead an action franchise, too, because she starred in Atomic Blonde and joined the Fast & Furious series as Cipher (a character now being eyed for a spinoff).
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