Marti Noxon's Dream Project is Wonder Woman

Marti Noxon's Dream Project is <i>Wonder Woman</i>

Marti is the writer of Fright Night, but best known for her work on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She sat down with to talk about a possible sequel to Fright Night, and her interest in the Princess of the Amazons.

You've always had a penchant for strong female characters. Do you have a dream project?
Do you want to, like, create the next female action hero?

I would love to. To be honest - as scary as it is - part of me wishes I could take a crack at Wonder Woman. There was a moment where it looked like I might get involved in the TV version. She is one of the few in the canon that hasn't been exploited. There are reasons for that; there is stuff in her mythology that are really silly. The costume - she's in a star-spangled bathing suit! And she uses a "lasso of truth" and rides around in an invisible plane. But they don't have to be that way. I definitely have a point of view about that. If I could do it, and nobody could "yell at me"... if the internet wasn't poised to explode in hate, no matter what you did, I would be out there, really pushing for it

I don't think you could pick a better writer for Wonder Woman. Her work on Buffy the Vampire Slayer raised a lot of praises and has helped her land her next gig which is writing the screenplay for the much anticipated, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

The way the writers handled Buffy was outstanding. Really one of the few times in the entertainment world where female characters were multi-layered, not boxed into the typical steroetypes. Females were able to be strong at times, and weak at moments, but there was always substance behind their motivations and their dialogue. I for one would love to have Marti write the screenplay and Nicolas Winding-Refn Direct (Bronson), now that is a dream team.

I know Fright Night just opened, but has there been any talk of a sequel?
I think it all depends on how the film performs financially, unfortunately. We would love to do a sequel. Charlie Brewster and Peter Vincent as a team... there is great potential there.

Where would you want to take their story? Have you been plotting?
We have talked about ideas, but we didn't want to get ahead of ourselves. On I Am Number Four we all got ahead of ourselves because the tracking on it was great. It did okay in theatres, but it wasn't sequel-worthy. So we decided not to curse ourselves.

I'll tell you what, those foreign box office receipts for Fright Night had better be AMAZING, because that film was a bomb this past weekend. I don't think Marti will have to worry too much about the future of Charlie Brewster, or Peter Vincent. Now I haven't seen the film, I'm purely speaking based on the numbers, and they weren't pretty. I do plan to see the film soon, and hope most certainly that it is good. I'd love to see more of David Tennant in the sequel, as rumors have surfaced that his performance is so strong that the next film in the series would center around him.

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