More From Gina Carano On Playing WONDER WOMAN

More From Gina Carano On Playing WONDER WOMAN

More From Gina Carano On Playing WONDER WOMAN

We already heard that the tough as nails star of Haywire might be interested in the role should it come up, but now she seems to be properly campaigning for it..

last week Gina Carano was quizzed on whether she would consider donning the lasso and hot pants should DC/WB ever get moving on a Wonder Woman movie. She definitely seemed interested, saying that it had "come up" before. But now while speaking to Vulture about beating up Michael Fassbender in Steven Soderbergh's Haywire, she is once again posed the question and goes into a little more detail - stating that she would love to work with Nicholas Winding Refn (who has been campaigning to direct the movie) and talking a little about superhero flicks in general. Hancock is her favorite by the way!..

People have suggested you play Wonder Woman.

"I know! We even had a Wonder Woman reference in the film — did you catch it? One of the cops said something to me like, "Oh, chill out, Wonder Woman." And I thought that was so funny. I said to Steven, "You know there's a little rumor about me and Wonder Woman." And he said mischievously, "Oh, that's interesting."

Nicolas Winding Refn is plotting to do a Wonder Woman film. There are a couple of directors who want to do this one.

"Ooooh! That's very interesting because Drive, that had such a unique style and music, and I was like, "I recognize this from somewhere, but where?" And then later I realized it was Cliff Martinez, who had done the score for like 50 Soderbergh movies. So I was like, "Cool." I was into it. I would definitely be into working with [Refn]. One of my favorite superhero movies is Hancock — did you see it? If they could do a superhero movie in a more realistic fashion where you could actually believe in it, I would be up for that. It could still be playful, but that's what I'm representing — the fighting would be real. More than anything, I would want Wonder Woman to be believable, you know?"

For now of course this is all just talk, but you never know. Carano is a perfect match for the role physically, and by all accounts she ain't too shabby in the acting department either. Stranger things have been known to happen! If this were to, how would you feel about such a relatively inexperienced actress taking on such an iconic character?

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