Nicholas Winding Refn Says He Was "Born To Make" Wonder Woman

Nicholas Winding Refn Says He Was "Born To Make" <i>Wonder Woman</i>

While speaking to The Playlist the Drive director once again lobbies for Wonder Woman, but also seems to back track slightly on wanting Christina Hendricks in the role..

We sure are giving this guy and his Wonder Woman fetish a lot of coverage considering he isn't even attached to the movie in any way shape or form, but if there is a possibility we could see it happen with the incredibly talented and original Refn at the helm we will keep on plugging away with his thoughts on the matter.

The latest come from an interview with The Playlist. Refn reiterates his interest, adding that he feels he was "born" to make the movie. His Drive star Christina Hendricks has been said to be his number one choice too, but this time he says he doesn't necessarily want her for the role..

“I would love to make ‘Wonder Woman,’ ” Refn declares enthusiastically. “I would be the best at making ‘Wonder Woman.’ I was born to make ‘Wonder Woman.’ To do a movie about a universe where women are more powerful then men—this appeals to me very much.” When asked about the rumors about Christina Hendricks being his number one choice, Refn chooses his words a bit more carefully, paused and then said, “I don’t know if I want her per se, but I think she’s the perfect type.”

As we already know, Refn isn't even a comic book fan, he just has a big thing for this character. Is there a possibility we could see him direct a male superhero movie at any point? Doesn't seem likely. Refn reckons he has already made his superhero movie and it's Drive..

“He (Ryan Gosling's Driver) transforms himself into a superhero, which is a man of conflict. Because he has impulses that he can’t deny. The movie’s about a man who’s half man and half machine. Those two elements have to emerge, but in the movie they are separated until everything starts to merge in his life. At the end of the film he’s now both things. He does it for the right reasons, the violence is justified, but it’s heightened.” Refn further claimed his goal was to make this story “mythological.”

I have seen Drive and it is most definitely not a superhero movie, but I do get what Refn is saying. Hell Driver even "masks up" at one point. Anyway Refn's Wonder Woman, yes? No? Maybe?

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