Nicolas Winding Refn Gets Wonder Woman if Logan's Run is a Success

Nicolas Winding Refn Gets <i>Wonder Woman</i> if <i>Logan's Run</i> is a Success

The Christina Hendrick's version of Wonder Woman is only a hit movie away! According to the director of the new movie Drive, he was told by a studio exec that if Logan's Run is a moneymaker, he'll gets his prized project.

Courtesy of Indie Wire
1. Refn’s has been told by studio executives that his dream adaptation of “Wonder Woman” depends on the success of his first blockbuster, “Logan’s Run”

“I would love to make ‘Wonder Woman.’ And I also think that Christina Hendricks would be the perfect Wonder Woman, but Warner Bros haven’t called yet. But I’m getting closer with ‘Logan’s Run.’ I think someone said to me in a meeting that if I get ‘Logan’s Run’ right, then I’ll get ‘Wonder Woman.’”

I like this guy. He has such a desire to make Wonder Woman when other directors would take it only for the paycheck. So what does he have planned for Logan's Run?

Here is excerpt from an interview with I09
How do you update a film like [Logan's Run]? Do you keep Box?

I have done this, I've gone back, and I've seen the movie, I've seen the TV show and I've started to read the novels. I've read the first one. And I'm beginning to get an angle on it that I think could be interesting. I think the challenge with Logan's Run is that the premise is so brilliant, that the payoff will almost always be disappointing. Except, if you come up with something really, really, really, really brilliant.

Do you have that? You're planning on altering something?

I think it needs to be altered, because everything in Logan's Run became true, and more in our society nowadays. So it's thinking "What would Logan's Run feel like if it was written today, about 2,000 years into the future."

A little too vague to determine if his version of Logan's Run will be a hit or not. Ryan Gosling will be starring in the movie, he is expected to play Logan 5 which was played by Michael York in the 1976 film. The role is like a police officer in the future, called a Sandman. These Sandmen are responsible for tracking down people who don't conform to the society rules and become "runners." In the movie people had to submit at age 30, but in the novel, which Refn is using as the source, the age is 21.

I enjoyed the original Logan's Run and I don't think it is perfect at all. This is one of the few movies that I really don't mind getting updated.

And if you aren't familiar with Refn's desire to make Wonder Woman you may not be aware of his gushing of the Mad Men actress, Christina Hendricks as the next Amazonian princess. He calls her the perfect choice and I'm too busy staring at her to disagree.

Simple enough, everyone go see Logan's run and we finally get a Wonder Woman movie. I'm in! Are you?

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