RUMOR: Wonder Woman Movie In 2013, With David S. Goyer Involved

RUMOR: <i>Wonder Woman</i> Movie In 2013, With David S. Goyer Involved

According to The playlist, The Dark Knight writer David S. Goyer will be involved with a 2013 movie adaption of Wonder Woman. Check it Out!

DC's "Wonder Woman" has yet to get a proper live-action treatment, with tops dogs of Justice League Batman, Superman, and Green Lantern getting all the shine. And while many directors have expressed interest in bringing the Amazon Princess to the big screen, Warner Bros. has pointed out here & there that a film will eventually be made.

Well now according to The Playlist...
"We're hearing that at Comic-Con sometime in the next 48 hours or so WB/Legendary are going to announce David S. Goyer and a "Wonder Woman" film for 2013."

While Goyer has written many films for DC heroes, and few for Marvel too, this rumor comes as no surprise. His name has even been connected to the forthcoming 2012 Man Of Steel reboot, as either the writer or Directer.

On his involvement with Wonder Woman, The Playlist goes on the say...What's Goyer's role going to be. As a director? A writer? We're honestly not sure, the intel is fuzzy.

As Warner Bros. are set to bring the Green Lantern to this year's San Diego Comic-Con, during his panel could be when Goyer's involvement with the Amazon Princess will be announced. In just two days, things will be known for sure.

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