Rumor: Wonder Woman Wearing New Costume From Comics?

Rumor: <i>Wonder Woman</i> Wearing New Costume From Comics?

The new costume that premiered in last year's Wonder Woman #600 is rumoured to be the costume worn by Palicki in the New Wonder Woman TV series.

Craig Bryne, Webmaster of Kryptonsite found new information in regards to the Wonder Woman TV series.

"Some word came in from Christopher Cooley @WonderboyLB today… that the costume that we’ll be seeing in the Wonder Woman pilot will be the one that premiered in last year’s Wonder Woman #600 comic book.

This news will surely spark controversy (if true) but then again, from a real-life perspective it might be easier to outfit an actress into every day… especially if she’s doing stunts. And it’s inevitable that we’d see the “real” suit eventually if it goes to series. Right? Hopefully."

Personally, I have no problems with the costume change, you all already know about my distaste for the previous costume despite being a fan of the character.

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