The Working Title For WONDER WOMAN 2 May Hint At The Sequel's Villain

The Working Title For WONDER WOMAN 2 May Hint At The Sequel's Villain

The working title for Patty Jenkins' upcoming Wonder Woman sequel has been revealed and it could very well reveal who the Amazon Warrior will be doing battle with in the movie. Hit the jump for details!

Wonder Woman 2 is currently in the very early stages of production and we may already have an idea about the sequel's big bad. You may recall that Circe was rumoured to be the villain of the first movie before Ares and Doctor Poison were chosen and speculation is running rampant that she'll be Diana Prince's main foe in the follow-up (which may or may not end up being set during the Cold War). 

The working title is "Magic Hour," and while that could have been chosen for any number of reasons, bear in mind that Circe is a sorceress who has frequently transformed humans into animals. 

The character also has a similar set of powers to Wonder Woman and while Cheetah is someone fans would love to see in the sequel, she could easily serve as a secondary villain with an origin story somehow tied into Circe. Nothing is confirmed right now and it's important to note that this is speculation but it would be interesting to see the iconic DC  hero do battle with someone like Circe. 

Who would you like to see Wonder Woman do battle 
with in Patty Jenkins' upcoming sequel?
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