UPDATED: Beyonce Wonder Woman Announcement a Hoax

UPDATED: Beyonce Wonder Woman Announcement a Hoax

<font color="red"><b>UPDATED:</b></font> Beyonce <em>Wonder Woman</em> Announcement a Hoax

Ex-Contributor "Resurrection" has come clean and admitted in the comments section that he made this story up to impress his girlfriend. The fraud has cost him his account, but by the looks of the "confirm or debunk" votes, he didn't fool you saavy CBMers.

In case you're still interested in his early attempt at an April Fools article, it is below. BTW, any submissions of "fake news" except on 4/1 will get you banned from CBM, so please, no copy cats.

Just got back from a press conference tonight with Beyonce and she spoke of a few upcoming movie projects. The last one on her list was Wonder Woman!

Yes, Wonder Woman! She said she has to meet up with the writers and directors in a couple months and things will start to pick up by mid-2010 for a late 2011 release. She said the writers were Stuart Beatti and David Elliot, the guys that wrote GI Joe: Rise of Cobra and the director was John Moore, the guy that directed Max Payne.

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Go ahead. Chew away!!
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