What Can Be Done To Prepare For A Successful Wonder Woman Movie

What Can Be Done To Prepare For A Successful Wonder Woman Movie

This article suggests somethings that can be done to reintroduce Wonder Woman into the public imagination. She is one of my favourite superheroines and I really look forward to the day WB has the balls to make a movie of this character. This is some of the ideas I have for how Warner Brothers could pave the way for her feature and test if there´s a market for the character.


I´ve quite vocally stated on this site how underrated Wonder woman usually is, even amongst comic book fans. This has lead DC/WARNER to put off making a Wonder Woman movie, which I think is very unfortunate, because she´s actually a very rich character. I mean these things really all depend on the writer, she´s been presented as everything from, feminist icon and powerful female figure, to domesticated house wife, to the female Superman; or the red and blue girl scout if you will, to the comic fish out water tale, to the depiction, I´m most interested in, the badass powerful feminist warrior whose ready to kill (differentiating her from Superman And Batman).

More recently the latter representation has taken over, but with elements missing, that were keenly observed in her early days and even the seventies show, like humor or her full range of powers.
Part of the problem with her character is this, there are so many depictions, different powers, different costumes, different attitudes, different origins, that people no longer know who she is. Remembering her as: "oh isn´t she the one who carries that lame laso, that makes people tell the truth."

However, because the public view of her is so muddled, she could gain a new exciting second life, with Superheroes stories being so big at the moment. Wonder Woman´s story, is ripe for someone to bring all the elements that people have loved about her and subsequently make her the most relevant Superhero of the modern age.

Why do I say this; she is brooding like Batman, sexy and funny like Catwoman, a warrior, she has a few really cool arch-villains (Ares, Circe, Genocide, etc) that would look great in film, her story can easily be set in the now fashionable gritty dark atmosphere of the successful Nolan trilogy, and men and women would love her for different reasons, if done right. Her potential is quite boundless. But I think If DC/Warner Brothers are even remotely serious about her having a successful film career here are some ways they can pave the way for her.


If you haven´t heard DC are planning yet another Wonder Woman TV show for next year. This one is to focus on her origin story, and they plan to make it like Smallville.

This is a bad mistake; Superheroes like Wonder Woman and Superman don´t tend to be done justice in live action small screen. The story, which is usually crude and not anywhere near the comics, is let down by cheap budget and effects, which means their powers are not displayed in all their glory.

Since whatever media next depicts Wonder Woman will be introducing her character and mythos, to the non-comic reading world, I think it has to be in a medium that can show off all parts of
her story, as well as have great action. TV is a terrible medium for this.

If a film is too expensive a test for this Warner Brother should look to making a classic animated series like Batman, Superman or The Justice League, all which have been hugely popular. This will build up interest in her mythos, and story, and get kids behind the character as well. And they can do this at cost.


I have lamented that we are not going to see some a kick ass solo DC films, before Justice League comes out. I think its such an awful mistake on DC/Warner Brothers if they go that root, which would seem to come from greed, not sense.
But if they do choose this road, having only Man Of Steel as an introduction to a Justice League movie (fingers crossed the script is decent) get a great actress to play her. Please don´t just choose some model with no personality, or, someone who just looks like her. Choose instead someone who can really act. Some one with presence and attitude. Someone who realizes the honor it is to play such a character and takes it very seriously. Someone hungry, who wants their depiction of Wonder Woman to stand out. This will make people want more.

Rebecca Hall a brilliant young British actress, is my choice. She really is a fine actress first, and, a beauty later.


I think further depictions of Wonder Woman in comics, should start establishing a city for her. Gateway City was previously her base of operations in some of the early comics. This would be a great help to solidifying her iconic status.

I think the reason Gateway was dropped was because it didn´t really relate to the character in the same way that Gotham does for Batman, or Metropolis does for the mild mannered boy scout trying to make it in the big city outside of Smallville Kansas.

But this is why I think they need to add a touch to Gateway City. For instance, since Diana comes from Paradise Island, maybe the town she comes to has to represent something that is opposite from paradise or femininity. It can´t be too obvious. However, just something that evokes ideas that oppose that. Like Smallville is to Metropolis. Its simple but affective. My idea was say she comes from Gateway City Oceania Bay. Oceania was a territory found in the dystopian world depicted in George Orwell´s classic novel 1984. Just like Metropolis was named after Fitz Lang´s early German expressionist film of the same name.

Ofcourse something better can be thought of. But I think you get the point.


Secret Identities and Superheroes are what make the heroes so iconic. Without one, a superhero feels like half a person. We know who the hero is, or, what they really stand for when we know the person inside. This is why when ever Clark Kent is separated from Superman, or Banner from The Hulk, they turn evil. It is by living as a human these heroes are able to understand, the suffering, pain, and anguish experienced by mere mortals. Its how they relate to us and us to them.

So what´s wrong with Diana Prince? Again like everything else in Wonder Woman´s comic book career, Diana Prince has gone through as many changes as a real woman. Different jobs, careers, styles, manners.

She´s been a secret service operative, military secretary, UN Peace keeper, a writer, and even owner of a fashion boutique.

For my money, the one that is truest to the character is working as a some kind of UN peace keeper, in Amnesty International or as a writer, or something to that affect. It also puts her directly in situations where Wonder Woman would be needed.


The animated movie was just brilliant, and actually, even with comics included, is one of the best Wonder Woman stories of all time. It got people excited about the character. Demonstrated how cool she is. Gave us a villain, who was equally as charismatic.

Only issue is, I thought she should fly, and the tiara boomerang wasn´t cool.

I say we want more. We want more. A sequel, to that film could be excellent and further cement her mythology in the public eye.


Get her backing social issues in the comics, especially feminist ones. Get her reacting to a postfeminist world.

And break her up from Superman. The Wonder Woman needs to be in her own world for a while.


Commissioner Gordon, Lois Lane, Perry White, Alfred Pennyworth, Mary Jane Watson, these are all characters well established in the public imagination as integral parts of the mythology of the respective Superheroes of whom´s lives they play a part. As one of the members of the trinity, Wonder Woman deserves an equally rich cast of supporting players.

In a way she actually does, Queen Hippolyta, Steve Trevor, Airtimes, Etta Candy amongst others. However, most of her supporting cast exist in Paradise Island. She needs a supporting cast in what ever city she moves to. This would enhance the character greatly.


The last thing I thin is Wonder Woman´s origin needs a revamp and modernizing. Taking the best parts of her history and putting them in a recognizable world. There have of course been great Wonder Woman stories recently, but none of them are real origins. Because her books sales have been very up and down through out the years, major players haven´t been attracted to working on her origin story and re-imagining some of her most iconic villains. Big players like Allen Moore, Frank Miller, Mark Waid, and others haven´t done anything with the third member of the Trinity.

But Wonder Woman is a very classic story that can be told and reinvented in many contexts. I think they should pay a big name like Mark Waid to do a Birth right like story for Wonder Woman. It would get comic fans excited again about her story.

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