Why Should We Care About Gal Gadots Being Skinny?

Why Should We Care About Gal Gadots Being Skinny?

Why Should We Care About Gal Gadots Being Skinny?

IF you think Wonder Woman should have big boobs, then obviously you are looking at the wrong things. It's Wonder Woman not Wonder Slut/Wonder Whore.

Ok so I have been reading on the internet, and it seems that the #1 Complaint is that Gal Gadot is too small to be Wonder Woman. So I did some comparisons based on various research websites (who we all know are trustworthy)Here is what I found:

Gal Gadot the next Wonder Woman: Weight = 110 lbs Height = 5’9″ Bra Cup Size = 32B Breasts-Waist-Hips: 34-24-34 inches. Gal Gadot has banana body type with flat belly, smaller breasts and buttocks.

Lets compare that with Antje Traue from MOS:
Weight = 124 lbs Height = 5′ 6½” Bra Cup Size = 34 Breasts-Waist-Hips: 36-25-34 Antje Traue has an athletic figure shape called inverted triangle shape, which means wide shoulders and larger upper part of body.

To put that into perspective, the original WW, Lynda Carter, measurements were: Weight = 122 lbs Height =5’9″ Bra size =34C Breast-Waist-Hips: 37-25-35
Lynda Carter had the gorgeous hourglass shaped body with large natural breasts, slim waist and round hips.

It has been noted that people who complain about Gal Gadot are only looking at her boobs. That is not true. The problem is her small frame. She can attempt to work out like Antje Traue did, but that will not help much. With Gal's body type her shoulders are naturally small and her bone structure wont change. This is NOT about BOOBS, I am talking about the chest width, girth, body mass and muscle...ect.

I am NOT advocating that Jaimie Alexander or Gina Carano should have been cast. We all know that would never happen. I just wished we could have gotten someone who can act as well as meet the physical requirements that someone like Wonder Woman possess.

Here is the thing, Hollywood is so obsessed with size '0' boy looking girls and think that's what America and the rest of world but it's not true. I don't care or mind the fact that size '0' chicks are prevalent in chick flicks, dramas, comedies and even in action flicks.

It's funny to see size '0' chicks knockdown huge big dudes like they are air balloons. And don't give me that b$ about thin chick can defeat buff people. Yes, trained thin girls may take down untrained big guys but trained soldiers, mercenaries etc like they do in movies seems too unrealistic and tiresome at this points.

TL:DR Even the Intense workout that Antje Traue did for MOS will not be enough to convince me Gal Gadot can play Wonder Woman. Even if Gal Gadot puts on 20-30lbs for the role her body type will still play a factor. Hopefully it is a very minor role.
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