WONDER WOMAN Spinoff Rumored To Be In Development Revolving Around The Amazons Of Themyscira

WONDER WOMAN Spinoff Rumored To Be In Development Revolving Around The Amazons Of Themyscira

Word out of this year's CCXP in Brazil is that a Wonder Woman spinoff is in the works which will put the spotlight on the Amazons who inhabit Diana Prince's home of Themyscira. Find out more right here...

In both Wonder Woman and Justice League, we got to visit Themyscira and spend some time with Diana Prince's fellow Amazons. In Wonder Woman 1984, we'll revist their home, but a new rumour out of CCXP19 claims that a spinoff featuring the characters is now in the works at Warner Bros. 

The information comes courtesy of Brazilian journalist M.P. Morales, who says that Patty Jenkins confirmed the news and that she will serve as an executive producer on the untitled project. 

This is hardly a surprise given the success of Wonder Woman in 2017, and it isn't all that different to what the studio is doing with The Trench, an unexpected spinoff to last year's Aquaman.

This Amazon-centric movie is likely in the very early stages of development, and it reaching the production phase could hinge on how moviegoers respond to Wonder Woman 1984. It would certainly be interesting to delve into Themyscira, but do you guys think an entire movie featuring the ancient warriors is necessary?

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