WONDER WOMAN Spoiler-Free Review; "The First Truly Great DC Films Release"

WONDER WOMAN <font color=red>Spoiler-Free</font> Review; "The First Truly Great DC Films Release"

There's been a lot of hype surrounding Wonder Woman but does it deserve it? Hit the jump for my in-depth verdict on a movie which may indeed be the one to save Warner Bros.' DC Films Universe...

I loved Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (despite its flaws) and enjoyed the stylish but incredibly messy Suicide Squad. However, Wonder Woman is so much better than both of those, it feels like it's, well, been made by Marvel Studios! 
In a way, saying Wonder Woman feels like a Marvel movie is the biggest compliment you can pay it as everything you see here works as well as it did in hits like Captain America: Civil War and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. In fact, a strong story, great humour, and incredible action sequences all ensure that Wonder Woman is something very special indeed. This isn't just the best DC Films Universe movie, it may very well be the best DC Comics adaptation to date. 
Gal Gadot shines as Diana Prince and while there is the odd occasion where she delivers a line a tad clunkily, those are few and far between and she does more than enough here to make you fall in love with her Wonder Woman. In fact, this is a career best for the actress and the movie destined to make her a HUGE star. Chris Pine delivers a similarly strong performance as Steve Trevor, an old-fashioned hero as likeable as a certain other comic book Steve. The supporting is also excellent, with Robin Wright, David Thewlis, Elena Anaya, and Connie Nielsen among the biggest highlights. Honestly, there's not a weak performance to be found! 
The action, however, is perhaps the biggest talking point here. Visually, Wonder Woman is one of the most exciting and unique heroes we've seen on the big screen to date and the way she takes down those in her path is a truly epic sight to behold. The No Man's Land scene is perhaps one of the greatest sequences I've ever seen in a superhero movie, while the fight that follows it and the final battle with Ares put this release in a whole league of its own. Bravo, Patty Jenkins. 
The fact that's bolstered by a strong story packed full of emotion, surprising twists and memorable character moments just makes them all the more satisfying. There's the odd moment of not quite flawless CGI to distract you from that but the other elements all work so well (the score is particularly great, especially when it borrows Wonder Woman's theme from Batman v Superman) that it really doesn't matter; all the pieces come together perfectly!
Wonder Woman is a movie which delivers in every respect. There's plenty here to make comic book fans happy and more than enough to ensure that everyone has a fun time watching. We've been waiting or years for a female superhero to come along to change the game and shake up the genre and it turns out that Patty Jenkins is it. Oh, and Wonder Woman too, of course.
A triumph and the first truly great DC Films release, Wonder Woman exceeds every expectation and stands tall as one of the greatest superhero movies of all-time. 

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