WONDER WOMAN: Will We See Diana Prince Pilot The Invisible Jet In A Sequel?

WONDER WOMAN: Will We See Diana Prince Pilot The Invisible Jet In A Sequel?

Wonder Woman sounds awesome, but it appears as if lots from the comic books has been left on the table for a potential sequel to delve into. Here's what Patty Jenkins has to say about what's next!

As comic book fans, there are always going to be certain things we want to see in superhero movies. However, even the most die-hard readers know that there are some things which won't work on the big screen and among them is probably Wonder Woman's Invisible Jet. However, director Patty Jenkins has now said that there's a very real possibility we could end up seeing that in a possible sequel. 

"The invisible jet is very important, and ultimately we have to have the invisible jet," she teased. "That’s a very big part of Wonder Woman." How that will work should be fun to see, but in the video below, star Chris Pine says he would like to see 
Jumpa the Kanga (a species of giant kangaroo used by the Amazons as steeds) in a movie at some point. That one somehow seems even less likely, however! 

"We have to see that on screen. [There] absolutely [has to be] a kangaroo in the next one."

Would you guys like to see the Invisible Jet or Kanga in a Wonder Woman sequel? As always, be sure to let us know your thoughts on that and what else you want in that movie in the comments section. 

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