Warner Bros. Is Debating Whether To Release WONDER WOMAN 1984 In Theaters Or Direct To Digital/Streaming

Warner Bros. Is Debating Whether To Release WONDER WOMAN 1984 In Theaters Or Direct To Digital/Streaming

With theaters likely to still be shut down by June, Warner Bros. is now debating whether to postpone Wonder Woman 1984 for a theatrical release or send it straight to Digital/streaming platforms...

Well, this could be a game-changer for Hollywood. According to The Wrap, Warner Bros. is discussing whether to have Wonder Woman 1984 debut immediately on Digital/streaming platforms and skip a theatrical release altogether as theater doors remain closed thanks to COVID-19. 

These discussions are still in the "preliminary" stages, and neither director Patty Jenkins nor executive producer Charles Roven have been involved in the talks just yet. Instead, Warner Pictures Group Chairman Toby Emmerich is debating what to do with some of his top advisors at the studio.

It's worth noting that the preference is to have Wonder Woman 1984 receive a theatrical release, but a Digital/streaming alternative is being considered, with HBO Max one possible option.

Roven and Jenkins are said to be keen for an August release, but there's a lot of uncertainty, and a lot of big films are looking for new release dates now they've been postponed. Ultimately, the sequel's $200 million budget makes it hard to say whether a non-theatrical release makes sense, as the trade notes that to match profits from a $1 billion box office haul, Wonder Woman 1984 would need to receive 16 - 21 million downloads at a charge of $30-$40 per film rental.

Warner President of Domestic Distribution Jeff Goldstein denies streaming discussions, stating: "We’re looking to release the movie theatrically, that’s our plan." However, Roven has acknowledged that, "There may come a time we have to make that decision." Interestingly, Warner Bros. is said to have considered a Digital release for Joker following the online backlash aimed at the film. 
We'll keep you guys updated, but no one could have guessed that Wonder Woman 1984 would miss theaters and head straight to the small screen...the question is, could Black Widow follow suit?

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