WONDER WOMAN 1984: Chris Pine Reveals How Long Patty Jenkins Has Been Planning Steve Trevor's Return

WONDER WOMAN 1984: Chris Pine Reveals How Long Patty Jenkins Has Been Planning Steve Trevor's Return

There's still a lot of intrigue surrounding Steve Trevor's miraculous return from the dead in Wonder Woman 1984, and actor Chris Pine has now revealed how long director Patty Jenkins has been planning it.

At the end of 2017's Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor made the ultimate sacrifice when he blew himself up in mid-air to save the world from a deadly poison. It was a definitive end for the character, and with Wonder Woman 1984 taking place decades later, there's no way Steve could have still been part of Diana Prince's life.

Well, the sequel has found a way to bring the hero back, and he hasn't aged a day. The means behind his resurrection remain a mystery, but actor Chris Pine did drop a few new details in an interview with Games Radar about what fans should expect from the DC Comics sequel. 

"What I will say about him is that he’s deeply, supremely excited," Pine explains. "He’s excited to be back with Diana. He’s excited about this world. Tonally, what’s different is, he’s not world-weary. He’s not jaded. It’s a complete 180 from the tone of the character of the first one."

"I thought it was a nice idea," he adds, referring to Steve being the fish out of water in a world he doesn't understand this time around. "It’s a brilliant move on [director] Patty [Jenkins'] part. That’s just one clear indication of a big tonal shift this time out."

As for how long Steve's return as been in the works, Pine confirms that it's an idea director Patty Jenkins has actually been mulling over since Wonder Woman.

"Patty, towards the end of the first one, had been marinating on an idea. So yeah, I had an idea that I would come back. I think she may have even started to break the story while we were promoting [the first film]."

What do you think the answer could be to Steve's unexpected resurrection?

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