WONDER WOMAN 1984 Star Gal Gadot Covers Vogue As 30 Minutes Of The Movie Are Screened For The Mag

WONDER WOMAN 1984 Star Gal Gadot Covers Vogue As 30 Minutes Of The Movie Are Screened For The Mag

Vogue has unveiled a new interview with Wonder Woman 1984 star Gal Gadot, and in it the magazine reveals that they were lucky enough to see half an hour of Patty Jenkins' sequel. Find out more right here.

Vogue has released a new interview with Gal Gadot which was conducted before Wonder Woman 1984 was officially pushed back until August 14, and in it interviewer Jonathan Van Meter reveals that he accompanied the actress to a special screening of 30 minutes of the movie on the Warner Bros. lot.

In addition to Gadot, costar Kristen Wiig and director Patty Jenkins were in attendance, and while none of them were willing to spill any details about what exactly was shown in the preview, Van Meter did share a vague description.

"Other than to tell you that it is an all-encompassing and visually stunning (and quite loud) experience, I will admit I have absolutely no idea what it’s about, except to say that it’s set in 1984 (the year before Gadot was born), has an exhilarating New Wave soundtrack, and features an oleaginous guy who may remind you of Donald Trump in his much more harmless ’80s salad days."

We assume he's talking about Pedro Pascal's character Maxwell Lord, but there's obviously not much to go on here. We knew the movie looked great from the trailers, and it's hardly surprising that half an hour out-of-context footage led to some confusion.

Then again, if those plot leaks prove to be accurate, the story does sound quite convoluted!

Check out some shots from Gadot's Vogue photoshoot below, and let us know if you're looking forward to Wonder Woman 1984 in the comments.

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The first Wonder Woman movie was a massive success, and catapulted Gadot to superstardom. It also resonated with a lot of people - young women, in particular - and the actress believes she understands why.

“Somehow it came out at a point in time where people were really craving it," she tells Vogue. "It made an impact. And Patty and I were very lucky, I would say, that the movie was received the way it was and that it came out in the era it did, and I think we just, without even knowing consciously, ticked a lot of the right boxes."

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Desert Rose nbspnbsp Yeah Im pretty ambitious she says. Im not elbowy . . . if you say that here. Schiaparelli Haute...

Jenkins agrees, while also explaining why she's so hesitant to reveal any plot details.

“I miss great, grand, blockbuster films that have all of the things that you go to the movie theaters for,” says the director. “Like humor and drama and romance . . . but also weight and significance of narrative. So it’s that. I was aiming to make something big and grand but very detailed and thorough. But I also think Wonder Woman stands for something pretty incredible in the world, so I won’t say anything about the plot, but she is a god who believes in the betterment of mankind. She’s not just defeating bad guys—and that has a lot of resonance with the times we’re living in right now.”

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Of course, story leaks are not always something that can be controlled, and what was purported to be the entire plot of WW84 was posted online a few months back. Although the details did gel with what we saw in the trailers that followed, Wiig seems fairly certain that "nothing has leaked"

“No one really knows that much about the movie,” says the Cheetah actress, “which is crazy in this day and age. It’s amazing that nothing’s leaked. Everything you get from Warner Bros. is sort of encrypted, like, your computer will explode if you open this.”

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Be sure to check out the interview in full HERE.
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