WONDER WOMAN 1984 Star Gal Gadot Explains How Diana Prince Has Changed Since The First Movie

WONDER WOMAN 1984 Star Gal Gadot Explains How Diana Prince Has Changed Since The First Movie

Nearly seventy years will have passed since the events Wonder Woman when Wonder Woman 1984 begins, and star Gal Gadot has now detailed how much Diana Prince has changed during those decades...

While it was Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice that introduced Diana Prince in the present day, Wonder Woman was the movie which both explored her past and brought the Amazon warrior to the world of man for the first time. Set during the dark days of World War I, Diana found herself surrounded by war, and lost the love of her life in the process. 

During a recent interview with Games Radar, Gal Gadot looked back on how much the character will have changed by the time we catch up with her in Wonder Woman 1984.

"In the first movie, we really explored the journey of the coming-of-age, of how Diana Prince became Wonder Woman, and owned her full strengths and powers," the actress explains. "She was fresh, she was green, she was a fish out of water, she was young...er!"

"We don’t pick up the story where we left it last, because it was 66 years ago," Gadot continues. "So she’s been living for over six decades by herself, in man’s world, serving mankind and doing good. And this story is a story of its own. I mean, the only thing that we share in both stories is probably, you know, the fact that it’s Diana Prince and also Steve Trevor."

Emphasising that this isn't exactly a direct sequel to the first movie, Gadot added: "But other than that, it’s a whole new world, and the era is different, and Diana is different, and the story is new. It’s totally of its own. It’s true. And I feel, in the first movie, a big thing that we played off was the naiveté of Diana. And she’s not naive anymore. She’s been around. She’s wiser."

"She’s more mature. We meet a very much evolved character in this one," she concluded.

Considering we've spent time with Wonder Woman in the present day, it will definitely be interesting to learn how she's changed here, and whether Jenkins drops any hints about why she was in hiding by the time Lex Luthor acquired that photo of her and she met Bruce Wayne. 

What do you guys think? 

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