WONDER WOMAN 1984 Trailer Screenshots Reveal A Closer Look At The Action And That Jaw-Dropping New Armor

WONDER WOMAN 1984 Trailer Screenshots Reveal A Closer Look At The Action And That Jaw-Dropping New Armor

We have a huge gallery of screenshots from the new Wonder Woman 1984 trailer for you guys to check out today, and they provide a much closer look at all the key action scenes and those major reveals...

The first trailer for Wonder Woman 1984 has certainly got fans talking, because while there's no denying that the visuals look amazing, it feels more in line with a Marvel movie than the Zack Snyder-inspired origin story which took Diana Prince down a slightly darker path back in 2017.

Regardless of the tone, though, it looks like it could be a fun ride, and our first proper looks at everything from Wonder Woman's Golden Eagle armour to Maxwell Lord and Steve Trevor's return are all definitely noteworthy. Now, we're delving into all the amazing action with some hi-res screenshots from the first official footage. 

Not only do these highlight moments which may have passed you by on a first viewing, but there are also some wallpaper worthy shots that will make for a perfect desktop background! 

We'll have an in-depth breakdown of the Wonder Woman 1984 trailer for you tomorrow, but in the meantime, all you guys have to do is click on the "View List" button below to check these out.

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