15 More Dumb X-MEN And FANTASTIC FOUR Movies Fox Can Start Developing Before The Disney Deal Goes Through

15 More Dumb X-MEN And FANTASTIC FOUR Movies Fox Can Start Developing Before The Disney Deal Goes Through

15 More Dumb X-MEN And FANTASTIC FOUR Movies Fox Can Start Developing Before The Disney Deal Goes Through

With the Disney/Fox deal in the pipeline, 20th Century Fox is intent on greenlighting as many X-Men and Fantastic Four spinoffs as possible and we count down some more ridiculous possibilities...

It's going to take a good twelve months or so before Disney's acquisition of Fox is 100% official but there's no real reason to believe that it won't happen and the X-Men and Fantastic Four won't ultimately join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Until it is all confirmed, though, it's business as usual at 20th Century Fox and that includes developing a number of X-Men and Fantastic Four spinoff movies. 

Right now, the likes of Multiple Man and Doctor Doom are currently in the works, while we learned just yesterday that Deadpool director Tim Miller is now developing a Kitty Pryde standalone movie. 

While Shadowcat is a great character, she'd arguably be put to much better use in a half-decent X-Men movie which finally moves the spotlight away from the same old characters. Regardless, we've been mulling over some of the daftest possible spinoffs Fox could announce next and why we think they probably view them as a good idea (hint: they're really not). So, keep reading for our top picks...

15. Stacy X

Fox is loving its R-Rated comic book movies thanks to the success of Deadpool and Logan so how about following those with Stacy X, the story of a member of the Nevada mutant brothel, the X-Ranch? The character's powers allow her to make others feel intense pleasure with just a single touch and while I have no idea how that could translate into a 100-minute movie, I'm sure the studio will find a way!

14. Mimic

A Mimic movie would give Fox pretty much everything they want. A mutant with the powers of pretty much every major X-Man, this could be a full on batsh*t crazy comedy which pokes fun at those characters and gives the studio the opportunity to exploit pretty much every mutant they own for the low, low price of one actor! What would be the point of this movie? None but that won't stop Fox!

13. Willie Lumpkin

The Fantastic Four Universe isn't exactly crammed full of characters worthy of their own spinoffs but what about taking a deep dive into their world by putting the spotlight on the man who delivers their mail? His daily visits could show a different side of the team's adventures while I'm sure he has a fascinating backstory which Fox could create about him, his wife, and children. Sounds brilliant, eh?

12. Doombots

Doctor Doom is supposed to be getting his own movie but f**k that, just give us a spinoff about some of his Doombots instead! This comedic adventure could revolve around a group of them going rogue and going into business for themselves, making light of one of the sillier weapons wielded by Doom in the process. If Multiple Man can get his own movie, I don't see why this lot can't find success.

11. Doop

Doop is a character who was initially associated with X-Statix but has since become a source of comic relief in a number of different X-Men titles. So, why not just give him his own movie and see what happens next? Whether he's whizzing through the X-Mansion or in an animated movie aimed at youngsters, Fox could take this premise, throw everything they can think of at the wall, and see what sticks.

10. Iceman

Marvel recently decided to out Iceman and give him his own comic book series and while that made some headlines, it didn't take long until it was cancelled! Regardless, Fox seems intent on giving various X-Men characters their own movies, so why not pit this frosty superhero against some sort of fiery baddie all while delving into the sillier sides of his powers and his newfound interest in men.

9. Impossible Man

When it comes to giving random characters their own movies, who's more random than the Impossible Man? This shapeshifting, teleporting alien could easily embark on a solo adventure without the Fantastic Four and while he would probably be changed so much that he no longer resembles his comic book counterpart, this would be a smart way for Fox to milk the franchise they've essentially ruined.

8. H.E.R.B.I.E.

We've heard that Fox is mulling over a Fantastic Four movie from the point of view of Frankin and Valeria Richards but what if we instead get to see things from the perspective of beloved android H.E.R.B.I.E.? Failing that, we could just get a kid orientated spinoff starring Franklin and his robot buddy like that comic book series from a few years back. That'd be one way to "freshen" things up.

7. Mister Sinister

Hey, just because Suicide Squad was a critical flop and Sinister Six never got made doesn't mean we should give up on superhero movies about supervillains, right? RIGHT?! While Mister Sinister would be the perfect choice to star as the big bad in an X-Men movie, Fox might as well waste him in a solo outing which gives him an unnecessarily convoluted origin story and totally wastes his potential!

6. Mojo

Fox is seemingly determined to keep their Marvel movies grounded in reality, hence why X-Men: Dark Phoenix isn't following in the footsteps of hits like Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor: Ragnarok. However, if they ever decide to embrace the cosmic silliness of the X-Men Universe, a movie about Mojo and his other-dimensional TV station could put a very different spin on what we're used to.

5. Storm

The fact we're getting more female-led superhero movies is no bad thing, of course, but a Storm movie is far from essential. The potential is here for a decent enough adventure which could follow the character's journey from street urchin to hero but her origin story isn't overly exciting or original and perhaps the only good thing about this one would be the possibility of seeing her powers explored.

4. Mole Man

The fact Pacific Rim is getting a sequel pretty much proves that people love monsters no matter how bad the movie they're starring in is so why can't Fox tell the story of a mild-mannered scientist who retreats beneath the Earth and takes control of some ancient beasts? Mole Man isn't a particularly interesting or exciting villain but if Shadowcat can get her own spinoff, why not give this guy one?

3. Mystique

Jennifer Lawrence is a great actress and all but her version of Mystique has arguably outstayed her welcome at this stage. That probably wouldn't stop Fox from thinking they have a Hunger Games on their hands by giving this project the greenlight, though, and while there are still stories revolving around the shapeshifter which have never been told, we've seen more than enough of her now.

2. Human Torch

Fox has failed to make a decent Fantastic Four movie on three separate occasions now, hence why a solo outing for Doctor Doom is on the way. So, why not give each member of the team their own movies? The prime candidate for such a release has to be The Human Torch as the movie could revolve around his racing career and love of picking up hot women. Almost as good an idea as Gambit

1. Frightful Four

Fox couldn't make a good Fantastic Four movie if the future of the studio depended on it so why not put the focus on a group of their most hated foes instead? A number of characters have teamed up over the years to make the Frightful Four and while it seems a little silly having them in a movie without their fantastic rivals, Fox could probably milk this for a few laughs and decent action scenes.
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