Bryan Singer On Building The X-MEN "Universe" & Competing With Marvel

Bryan Singer On Building The X-MEN "Universe" & Competing With Marvel

While speaking with SFX magazine, the director again discusses building a shared movie universe with Fox's Marvel Comics characters. He also says that he can "never compete" with Marvel, and that their movies are "not so serious". Read on for more..

In an interview with SFX, Bryan Singer talks about the road towards a shared movie universe using Fox's stable of Marvel characters (X-Men, Fantastic Four etc). He suggests that he is looking at Marvel Studio's Avengers movie as a template, and also seems very excited to see future projects from them and Warner Bros. -- specifically their Justice League movie.

"I’ve basically rebooted the universe twice already, in that I booted it up once with X-Men and then rebooted it with First Class. I’m very keenly interested in exploring the X-Men universe in the same way that Marvel have done with the Avengers. It’s an enormous universe and not just in the issues that it confronts. A lot of Marvel’s famous characters have already been used but there’s still a few left. DC have got some as well; the Justice League film is going to be a monster!"

So will they be in direct competition with Marvel? Singer reckons they won't be, but then goes on to suggest that both sets of films bring different things to the table anyway, and -- while praising their characters -- says that Marvel perhaps don't take things as seriously with their movies. "You can never compete with that," admits Singer. "Tonally it’s a very different experience as the X-Men movies operate on very specific themes and it’s a much more serious kind of universe, as the Marvel movies universe is not so serious. It’s got its own emotional points and the characters are obviously amazing."

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