Bryan Singer Talks About His Role In X-MEN: FIRST CLASS

Bryan Singer Talks About His Role In X-MEN: FIRST CLASS

Bryan Singer Talks About His Role In X-MEN: FIRST CLASS

Director Bryan Singer doesn't think he's two films removed from the X-Men franchise, considering he wrote First Class and was instrumental in the film's casting. The director also continues to tease the multiple timelines that will be present in the film.

Talking to Crave Online, Bryan Singer talks about his behind the scenes role in the X-Men franchise since directing X2.

Singer talks about his involvement with X-Men: First Class and dismisses the notion that he's picking up the pieces left by Matthew Vaughn. Singer says he's been involved in the X-Men all along.
Singer: It would be [weird to direct Days of Future Past] if I didn’t write the story for X-Men: First Class. I wrote the story to that movie and I produced it and I was instrumental in the casting, in design and involved in the post-production, so I was part of that movie. I initiated that movie and originated it so in that way, and worked with Matthew and I was the one who actually hired Matthew so in a way I feel like I’m not completely entering someone else’s franchise. I’m entering one that he executed wonderfully, but one that I was also part of.

Singer makes a comparison to the Aliens franchise, where multiple directors have helmed different entries.
Singer: It would be different if I was doing a sequel to Star Trek where somebody else cast everybody, somebody else designed it, somebody else created a look and a mood and a story and then I’m just coming in, which can be done. James Cameron did it beautifully with [his sequel to] Alien but it’s just a different thing. I’m returning to my [world]. The only thing that will be a unique and exciting thing for me is I get to finally direct Jennifer Lawrence. I’ve already directed Nicholas Hoult, but Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy, who are phenomenal actors, and I get to work with them as a director as opposed to producer.

The director continues to tease the multiple timelines and his desire to address a few continuity issues.
Singer: Yes, that’s the answer to your question [on is this the X-Men 3 Singer wanted to do and will this film 'fix' things]. And a lot more because this combines the stories and the casts of both X-Men: First Class and my original X-Men films, so I get to do a little bit of that kind of fun stuff, but I also get to do a lot more. It’s a very epic story. It takes place in multiple times and a crazy, crazy cast.

There's more at the source including Singer's thoughts on Man of Steel. Click the link below if you wish to read the full transcript.

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