Channing Tatum Reportedly Still Attached To Star In GAMBIT

Channing Tatum Reportedly Still Attached To Star In GAMBIT

The X-Men spinoff currently has neither a release date nor a director, but producer Lauren Shuler Donner insists that Gambit is still happening. Should we believe her? Hit the jump for details...

Gambit was supposed to be released last October, but after losing both Rupert Wyatt (who left the project over creative differences) and Doug Liman (who decided to work on Justice League Dark instead), the X-Men spinoff finds itself without a director and still no confirmed release date. 

However, producer Lauren Shuler Donner has now insisted that the movie is still moving forward with Channing Tatum set to play the ragin' Cajun. It was she who actually cast the actor after he expressed interest in the role of Gambit, so you have to believe that this is something of a passion project. That doesn't mean it will happen, though, and for a long time it's looked like the movie is in dire straits. 

First Tatum wanted a pay rise, and then Fox wanted to slash the budget. With two directors now gone, it doesn't seem like it's going anywhere fast, and no one could now blame the actor for moving on. 

Do you guys think Gambit will still happen? Do you even want it to? Let us know in the usual place.

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