COMICS: ARROW Executive Marc Guggenheim To Take Over Writing Female-Led X-MEN Title

COMICS: ARROW Executive Marc Guggenheim To Take Over Writing Female-Led X-MEN Title

Marvel's Brian Wood is bowing out of the female-led X-Men title after eighteen issues and picking up after him is Arrow executive/writer Marc Guggenheim. Hit the jump to check out what the producer had to say about his plans for the arc!

Arrow executive/writer Marc Guggenheim will be taking over writing duty on Marvel's all female X-Men title once Brian Wood bows out after issue number 18; no artist is currently attached to the project. This will not be Guggenheim's first time writing outside of Arrow, he was one of the (many) writers involved in bringing Ryan Reynolds's iteration of Hal Jordan/The Green Lantern to the big screen back in 2011.
The writer revealed that the story will not change from one writer to an other, as he intends to keep the transition as smooth as possible:

It's going to be all female X-Men -- same concept, same conceit as Brian's run. My goal is to pick up where Brian left off. It's not going to be this radical change. It should be a very nice, even, easy transition from his last issue to my first issue.

Marc also revealed that Abigail Brand (created by Avengers director, Joss Whedon) will be appearing but members of the Guardians of the Galaxy will not be joining this team of X-Men:

I love Guardians of the Galaxy, and I particularly love the run that [writer Brian Michael Bendis] is doing on it. But, if anything, I've tried to steer clear of Guardians of the Galaxy and the worlds they're trafficking in at the moment. I'm pulling some stuff from that early Claremont/Cockrum/Smith run, but it's not the Brood. I'm adding a couple ingredients of my own invention. I'm also bringing in the Peak and Abigail Brand. That was first established in Joss Whedon's run.

What do you think? Will you be picking up the newest comic from the man behind Arrow's success? Sign off your thoughts on the matter below, and check out the solicitation for Guggenhiem's first outing in X-Men #18:

X-MEN #18

NEW CREATIVE TEAM! And a new mission for the first all-female team of X-MEN…

• S.W.O.R.D. is Earth’s premiere counterterrorism and intelligence agency when it comes to dealing with extraterrestrial threats.

• But when the ferocious Shi’Ar warrior Deathbird lands on their doorstep at the brink of death, S.W.O.R.D. calls in the X-MEN to investigate!

• But are the X-Men equipped to handle the horrific new threat that’s emerged from the edge of space?

32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

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