Could Josh Trank Be In Line To Direct The X-MEN: FIRST CLASS Sequel?

Could Josh Trank Be In Line To Direct The X-MEN: FIRST CLASS Sequel?

Could Josh Trank Be In Line To Direct The X-MEN: FIRST CLASS Sequel?

We had heard the Chronicle director was Fox's choice to helm the Fantastic Four reboot, but could they have him in mind to replace Mathew Vaughn on a sequel to First Class instead/also?

HeyUguys had a chat with the young director of found footage super-hero movie Chronicle, and as well as asking him some revealing questions about that movie, they inquired about the recent report that he was in line to direct a Fantastic Four reboot for Fox. But they also ask him about an X-Men movie. That is a new one for us, perhaps they were just testing the water, but either way Trank doesn't shoot it down..of course neither does he confirm anything! Here is an excerpt from the interview, in which Trank also gives his take on the proposed Akira remake and reveals his favorite superhero..

If there was a US version of Akira, Chronicle would be it ­– would you make one?

Josh Trank: After Zack Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead, I stopped judging remakes. Who knows?

Will you be doing Fantastic Four or X-Men?

Josh Trank: It’s a little weird, as I knew this movie would work, but it’s been surprising how everyone’s responded. I have been working on some original ideas and things are being talking about, but nothing’s a signed deal yet.

Who’s your favourite comic-book character?

Josh Trank: Batman – Frank Miller is my favourite writer as I grew up with the Tim Burton Batman.

Last word on a sequel to First Class was that a script was being worked on, the cast are all looking forward to returning, and previous director Mathew Vaughn has still not signed up. So it is entirely possible that Fox are looking at other options, even if this particular rumor has little weight aside from Trank not outright denying it. What do you guys think?

Click below for the full interview in which Trank discusses Chronicle, there are a few spoilers.

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