Alexandra Shipp Promises That X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX Is Faithful To The Comic Books

Alexandra Shipp Promises That X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX Is Faithful To The Comic Books

X-Men: Dark Phoenix star Alexandra Shipp talks here about what we should expect from the Simon Kinberg helmed release and promises that fans will be happy with his take on this beloved comic book tale.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix has finished shooting but not so much as a single official image has been released from the movie. We know that Simon Kinberg has written and directed the X-Men: Apocalypse follow-up but plot details are being kept under wraps and the only real clue we have about what's coming is in the title. Well, unless this is going to be far from a faithful adaptation like X-Men: The Last Stand!

Well, if star Alexandra Shipp is to be believed, it will make good use of the source material and make fans very happy (so here's hoping the tale will take us into outer space even for just a little while).

"As a fan of X-Men, you are going to be very happy," she says, "because I’m a huge fan of X-Men and so is our director, Simon [Kinberg], who’s also writing and executive producing it. He is not letting anything go. It’s very accurate to the comics and he really gives the fans what they’ve been asking for, in my opinion. All I can say is that you’re really going to like it." Here's hoping she's right, eh?

As for what we can expect from Storm, the actress wouldn't reveal much and even refused to confirm or deny the return of Storm's mohawk! "If I ever want to do another X-Men movie in the future I can’t tell you sh*t. (Laughs)" We'll hopefully find out more soon as X-Men: Dark Phoenix will be released on November 2nd, 2018. Are you guys excited? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.
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