DARK PHOENIX Director Simon Kinberg Breaks Silence On Dismal BO Performance: "That's On Me"

DARK PHOENIX Director Simon Kinberg Breaks Silence On Dismal BO Performance: "That's On Me"

20th Century Fox's final X-Men movie has officially bombed at the box office, and Simon Kinberg has now commented for the first time, taking full responsibility for the film's failures. Check it out...

After fairly horrendous reviews and an undeniably disappointing box office performance, Dark Phoenix can officially be labelled a bomb. In a rare move, the movie's director has now commented on the challenges he faced while helming Fox's final X-Men movie and taken full responsibility for its failings.

"It clearly is a movie that didn't connect with audiences that didn't see it, it didn't connect enough with audiences that did see it. So that's on me," Kinberg said during an interview with KCRW's The Business. However, the director did add that it wasn't painful for him to reflect on the film so soon after its poor opening weekend because he genuinely likes the movie. "I loved making the movie, and I loved the people I made the movie with," he said.

It recently came out that Kinberg stepped in to pick up the slack when Bryan Singer went AWOL while shooting previous installments Days of Future Past and Apocalypse, which is one of the reasons the studio and cast had confidence in him taking the helm of Dark Phoenix.

Now, Marvel Studios has control of the mutant heroes and will presumably reboot the X-Men at some point, integrating them into the MCU. Kinberg says he will miss working with the characters, but is looking forward to seeing what Marvel has in store for them.

"I love these characters. I love these world. I'll be super excited to see what Marvel does with them."

What did you guys think of Dark Phoenix? Was it as bad as the critics made out? Drop us a comment down below.
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