DARK PHOENIX Director Simon Kinberg Explains Reason For Reshoots And Recent Release Date Delay

DARK PHOENIX Director Simon Kinberg Explains Reason For Reshoots And Recent Release Date Delay

Fans aren't happy about Dark Phoenix being delayed yet again and in a new interview, Simon Kinberg explains what caused that and the reason for those much talked about reshoots. Check it out...

There's a lot of bad press surrounding Dark Phoenix mostly thanks to numerous reports about the reshoots, another release date delay, and the fact that the movie doesn't really matter because Marvel Studios is planning to reboot the X-Men for the Marvel Cinematic Universe as soon as 2020. So, it's no surprise that Fox has gone into damage control mode and invited Collider to interview Simon Kinberg.

Luckily, the site didn't shy away from asking what the deal is with those reshoots and the first-time director was quick to shed some light on why they're taking place and how they'll change the movie. 

"Mostly we focused on the third act, both emotionally and in terms of the physical scale and the action of the third act that we adjusted," he explained to the site. "And then there were certain things in the first two acts of the movie—very few things, but to set up those changes in the third act we had to adjust some things in the first two acts so
that that all was fluid and felt consistent."

As for that unexpected release date change just a day after the first trailer for Dark Phoenix was released, the director explained that the decision stemmed from special effects needing to be finished and the chance to have the movie on more IMAX screens (not to mention a better run in China). 
"It was a date, February 14th, that we initially liked for the movie but when we realized that we weren’t gonna have the visual effects ready to release it globally the way we wanted to, and the Gambit date opened up because it wasn’t gonna be ready for that June 7th date. We looked at that date versus the February 14th date, the studio did and we did, we felt like that June date was a bigger opportunity for us globally. More screens, more IMAX screens, a better chance to play in China where these movies have a massive following. What we found when we released the trailer was that 44, 45 million views of the trailer were in China alone… Specific for us, it is an opportunity to be a bigger movie day-and-date globally."
Are you still excited for Dark Phoenix or do you think the movie is probably a lost cause by this point? As always, share your thoughts on both that and these remarks in the comments section below. 
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