DARK PHOENIX Footage Shown At NYCC Take A Cosmic Turn; "Consider Changing The Name To X-Women!"

DARK PHOENIX Footage Shown At NYCC Take A Cosmic Turn; "Consider Changing The Name To X-Women!"

15 minutes of footage from Dark Phoenix has screened at the New York Comic-Con and we have a lengthy description which reveals how the public perceives the team and the way Jean gains the Phoenix Force.

Fox held a panel for Dark Phoenix at the New York Comic-Con a couple of days ago and now some description of the footage that was shown has been revealed. The first trailer for the movie was met with something of a mixed response but with reshoots delaying the movie from next February to June, the fact that the studio had anything to show at all is something of a surprise given those troubles. 

We have, however, heard that the reshoots are mostly changing the third act so Dark Phoenix's opening being given the spotlight is no great surprise and the footage does sound quite impressive.

It's a pretty lengthy description so we've broken down the biggest moments for you to deliver as many details as possible. Whether this will be enough to convince fans that the movie is worth seeing is hard to say but the response to the preview has been good to hit the "View List" button to take a look.

A Call From The President

The footage kicks off with a space shuttle calling in some issues to Houston after a space launch and as Professor X and Beast watch this from the X-Mansion, the latter points out that they're unable to help because the X-Jet isn't built for space travel. However, the President calls Charles on a phone from the Oval Office with a huge "X" written on it and so the team end up embarking on this risky mission.

A Familiar Sight

As Mystique leads Beast, Cyclops, Jean, Nightcrawler, and Quicksilver on the mission but a reluctant Jean asks the shapeshifter if she's okay with what they're doing Promising that she'll turn them around if anything goes wrong, the basketball court splits open and the X-Jet heads away from the X-Mansion. Charles, meanwhile, heads into Cerebro and assures the government that help is now on the way.


Scott tries to calm Jean down as the X-Jet heads into the upper atmosphere and as it reaches space, ice starts to show on the cockpit's screen. Cyclops is below deck blasting the shuttle's engine trying to stop it from spinning around, Storm uses her powers to seal the cracks in the hull, and Nightcrawler takes Quicksilver in who races into action to grab all the astronauts so they can be teleported to safety.

All of this happens under Mystique's orders but they then learn that the commander is still on board...


The Phoenix Force

Jean is inside the shuttle using her powers to hold the ship together as her teammates search for the commander but a mysterious golden entity (which is seemingly what put the ship in peril in the first place and stands a chance of destroying it) is approaching and ends up consuming the young hero.

The other half of this force is heading towards the X-Jet so she consumes that too and screams in pain. A massive flash follows and Jean is left floating through space as the X-Men look on in horror. Nightcrawler teleports out to bring her back and Scott check on her as she regains consciousness and as the last of that golden energy fades from Jean's eyes, she immediately asks if everyone is okay.


The X-Men Are Heroes To The World

As the X-Men head back to Earth, they're greeted by dozens of fans upon arrival many of whom are holding signs of support and cheering on the young heroes. Some kids even have Mystique dolls and there are fans everywhere. Back at the X-Mansion, the students also welcome the heroes back with applause and Charles cancels classes for the day as he passes on the grateful President's regards.

Professor X vs. Mystique

Mystique isn't happy about what happened in space and tells Charles that Jean should be dead after what happened. Pointing out that they're not kids any more, Professor X is surprised when Raven questions him about the risks he has the team taking to win the public's support. "It's all just a means to an end," he explains. "We're one bad day away from them seeing us as the enemies again."

Perhaps hinting at a villainous turn down the line, Mystique says that she hates having to conform and wear uniforms but Charles is quick to point out that it's a small prince to say for their acceptance.


The X-Women

The footage ends in a way which is bound to make a lot of fans happy as Mystique turns to Professor X and says, "And by the way, the women are always saving the men around here. You might want to consider changing the name to X-Women!" What do you think about this Dark Phoenix footage?

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