DARK PHOENIX Gets A Cool Drew Struzan Inspired Poster Featuring Fox's X-MEN

DARK PHOENIX Gets A Cool Drew Struzan Inspired Poster Featuring Fox's X-MEN

20th Century Fox has released a new poster for Dark Phoenix, and while fans are arguably more excited to see the X-Men arrive in the MCU, the Drew Struzan inspired one-sheet is still pretty damn cool...

It doesn't feel unfair to say that there's not a huge amount of excitement surrounding Dark Phoenix. That can mostly be blamed on the decision to revisit such a familiar story, and also because most fans are now far more excited about seeing what Marvel Studios does when they inevitably reboot the X-Men characters for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Still, Fox's final X-Men movie is fast approaching, and with Disney now overseeing the marketing campaign, we have a very cool Drew Struzan-inspired poster (in the sense that it looks like a painting and features nearly the entire cast). 

It doesn't reveal much about what we can expect from Dark Phoenix, but Sophie Turner's Jean Grey is front and centre with the X-Men below, and Magneto and Jessica Chastian's unnamed villain off to one side. The latter will attempt to take control of the Phoenix Force, while the former seeks to destroy Jean before she tears apart the entire planet. 

Apparently, we can expect "exclusive content, special events, and fun surprises" on Monday so stay tuned for more on that. What are your thoughts on this Dark Phoenix poster?

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We've only spent one movie with this version of Jean Grey but she's already going "Dark" in this film, and if Simon Kinberg is planning to kill her off in a similar way to The Last Stand and the comic books, then her story is going to end extremely prematurely. 

James McAvoy's Professor X hasn't really aged a day since his introduction as the character in a movie which was set thirty years before this one, but he's still done a fantastic job. Just like in The Last Stand, it seems as if we'll learn that he's spent years lying to Jean Grey about her past.

For some reason, Fox seems to reset Magneto every single time he appears in a movie (probably just to suit whatever story they're telling) and in Dark Phoenix, the former villain will be ruling over Genosha before returning to America so he can help Beast put an end to Jean for good. 

Mystique is going to die in the movie and, no, that's not a spoiler. For reasons which aren't entirely clear, Fox decided to show her demise in the second trailer for Dark Phoenix and it seems as if Jennifer Lawrence is finally free to ditch that makeup and move on from playing the character.

Storm was something of a non-factor in X-Men: Apocalypse and Alexandra Shipp has gone on record to say that she would like to do more moving forward than just standing in the background looking cool. Whether that will be the case in this movie isn't clear, but her time as the hero is over.

After watching the women he loves die, Beast decides that Jean Grey must follow her, and it seems as if we can expect the werewolf-type character to break bad in Dark Phoenix as he finally puts his differences with Magneto to one side so they can stop her from wreaking any more havoc.

Fans have never really been happy with the way Cyclops has been portrayed on screen but Tye Sheridan did a solid job in X-Men: Apocalypse, and the hope is that he will get the chance to shine here too. Unfortunately, it looks like he'll spend most of the film pursuing his girlfriend. 

Nightcrawler was reintroduced to the X-Men Universe in 2016 and he's now a card carrying member of the team. Just how much he'll have to do here remains to be seen, but he'll no doubt get the opportunity to be part of some cool action sequences if the trailers are any indication. 

It's become commonplace for Quicksilver to steal the show in these movies with a cool action scene, and we're hearing that this one will take place in outer space. We can more than likely expect that to be set to some great music but rumour has it that his role in Dark Phoenix will be minor. 

Very little is known about Jessica Chastain's mysterious villain, and while rumours have pointed to her taking on the role of everyone from Lilandra to a Skrull, it actually appears as if she'll just be a generic alien character who wants to control the Phoenix Force. Disappointing, right? 
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