DARK PHOENIX: Simon Kinberg And Hutch Parker Break Down The Action-Packed New Trailer

DARK PHOENIX: Simon Kinberg And Hutch Parker Break Down The Action-Packed New Trailer

DARK PHOENIX: Simon Kinberg And Hutch Parker Break Down The Action-Packed New Trailer

X-Men: Dark Phoenix director Simon Kinberg and producer Hutch Parker break down some key moments in the new trailer, shedding some light on the Phoenix Force, [SPOILER]'s death, and much more...

Dark Phoenix has faced multiple delays but after some reportedly very expensive reshoots, it finally burns into theaters on June 7th.

Right now, it's hard to know what to make of Fox's final X-Men movie but the new trailer has generated plenty of 
discussion (both good and bad) so for some insight into everything that happens, you need to check out this breakdown from director Simon Kinberg and producer Hutch Parker.

They don't address every single moment but do touch on key scenes like Mystique's death at the hands of Jean Grey, Jessica Chastain's mysterious villain, and that violent looking train journey.

So, to check out this trailer recap from the two filmmakers, simply hit the "View List" button below.

Fighting The Phoenix

The trailer kicks off with a rather down in the dumps Jean Grey struggling to come to terms with what she's done as the Phoenix. 

"The Phoenix Force is fighting for control of her psyche, of her soul, of her body," Kinberg reveals. "That force is lashing out at anyone that tries to stop her, including the people that she loves." Apparently, when we see her skin begin to crack, that's a sign that this cosmic power is emerging and taking control of the hero. 

"The fracturing of Jean effectively fractures the family of the X-Men," he adds. "This scene is a microcosm of the whole film."

Killing Mystique

Yes, Fox really did just kill off Jennifer Lawrence's Mystique in the trailer. Apparently, it's her demise which leads to a split forming down the middle of the X-Men because, you know, she's portrayed as a hero for some reason in these movies. 

"Simon [Kinberg] gives us a very rich relationship between Jean and Raven," Parker explains. "One that at times is the mentor, at times feels almost maternal, at times is friendly." Kinberg adds that Mystique being caught between Charles and Erik's different ideologies is what makes her so well-suited to trying to reason with Jean at this point. 

Jean Grey's New Powers

The Phoenix Force has charged up Jean's existing powers and it sounds like she's become a full-blown Omega level mutant here. 

"She's becoming the most powerful mutant – or most powerful entity – in our world," says Kinberg, "losing control as they're getting more and more powerful. She goes from controlling the voices in her head to hearing every voice in the world." The Phoenix Force will also allow her to control and manipulate the world around her from a molecular level.

Nobody Is Safe

Magneto uses that helmet to protect his mind from psychic intrusions but in one of the admittedly coolest moments in the trailer, Jean uses her newfound abilities to crush that on his head.

"It's a really powerful, symbolic moment," Kinberg teases. "Nobody is safe from Jean when she's out of control and fully embodying this new power. Even the most powerful 'villain' of the X-Men universe is powerless facing her in this state."

The Fall Of Charles Xavier

Professor X is going to find himself in a very difficult position here as he not only fails to keep the Phoenix Force from taking control of Jean but the X-Men quickly fall apart after disagreeing how best to deal with her newfound, deadly abilities. 

"Every character is challenged in their relationship to Jean," notes Parker. "Most notably Professor X, because we're so used to him being in control. I think that's what makes the movie feel relatable and emotional and human."

"Professor X doesn't have all the answers," Kinberg adds. "He has to face the consequences of making mistakes. That is a scene where you feel that sometimes his answers are wrong." The question is, is he going to die at her hands all over again?

Jessica Chastain's Villain

Kinberg won't reveal who or what Jessica Chastain's character is beyond the fact she's an alien and comes to Earth to seek out the power of the Phoenix. For what it's worth, all Kinberg will say is, "This is one of the biggest confrontations of the movie. Jean, with that devil on her shoulder, is facing Magneto and Charles."

Jean's New (Old) Look

The comic book version of Dark Phoenix obviously looks much different to what we're getting here but a scene near the end of the trailer seemingly shows Sophie Turner bearing a very close resemblance to that version of the character (albeit in the same jacket we saw in The Last Stand).

"At that
point she really is close to full-Phoenix," teases Kinberg. "That sequence itself, you really see the full array of her powers in a pretty shocking way – shocking in the way it manifests visually."

Pain On A Train

The trailer ends with almost thirty seconds of footage from what is clearly going to be a key sequence in the movie as the X-Men find themselves collared and on a train journey to parts unknown.

It appears as if that's Chastain's character who is trying to knock the door down if you go back and look at that scene with the guns but Kinberg refuses to say who those soldiers are and 
says that the team "comes under attack from forces I’ll leave vague for now." 

What does that mean? For now, we're just going to have to wait and see...
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