Jennifer Lawrence Reveals Why She Chose To Return As Mystique For X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX

Jennifer Lawrence Reveals Why She Chose To Return As Mystique For X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX

While doing press for her latest film, mother!, Jennifer Lawrence revealed that her X-Men contract was actually up when she signed on for Dark Phoenix. So, why did she agree to return? Find out here...

In the buildup to the release of the divisive X-Men: Apocalypse, Jennifer Lawrence began to sound noticeably less enthusiastic about playing Mystique during interviews to promote the film. This, coupled with speculation that her original contract had come to an end, led many to assume that the Academy Award-winning actress would be saying goodbye to the franchise.

Well, we now know that wasn't the case, as Lawrence will return as the shape-shifting mutant in the upcoming X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

During an interview with Digital Spy, Lawrence revealed that while her contract was indeed up, she decided to reprise the role of Raven/Mystique because she didn't want to leave the character's story unfinished.

"My contract was up, I didn't have to do another one, but if I didn't do another one, what would her story be? I felt like I owed it to the fans, and I owed it to the character to follow her journey, to be fair to the movies, and not be like, 'I don't want to do another X-Men!' And then I just never show up and everyone's very confused about the Mystique they've been following for the last three films."

Before we see Lawrence don the blue body paint again for X-Men: Dark Phoenix, you'll be able to catch her in Darren Aronofsky's bonkers mother! on September 15.
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