Possible X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX Story Details Reveal A Major Jean Grey SPOILER

Possible X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX Story Details Reveal A Major Jean Grey <font color=red>SPOILER</font>

Some new plot details for X-Men: Dark Phoenix have been revealed and they point to some major ramifications for the team as Jean Grey undergoes her transformation into the Phoenix. Read on for details!

Production on X-Men: Dark Phoenix wrapped over a month ago and with just under a year to go until the movie actually hits theaters on November 11th, we've yet to see so much as a single official image!

When the trailer might be released is hard to say but Fox is clearly handling this one carefully as their X-Men: Apocalypse reveal was met with ridicule due to Oscar Isaac's En Sabah Nur looking pretty awful.

Well, some new plot details have now surfaced via That Hashtag Show and they reveal that we should expect a major character death when Jean Grey finally loses control and goes
full on Phoenix. Director Simon Kinberg isn't holding back and will kill off either Mystique, Magneto, Professor X, or Beast (the character's identity isn't specified but I guess it depends on which of them wants out of their contract). 

How will it go down? Well, "with her powers out of control, Jean will IMPALE one of the characters mentioned above, unequivocally killing that character." The site promises to reveal more soon but this certainly seems to point to X-Men: Dark Phoenix
having some major ramifications for this universe.
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