X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX Audition Tape Seemingly Reveals Presence Of The Shi'ar Empire

X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX Audition Tape Seemingly Reveals Presence Of The Shi'ar Empire

An audition tape featuring Halt and Catch Fire star Toby Huss has found its way online for X-Men: Dark Phoenix and it seems to confirm the presence of an alien race in the movie. The Shi'ar?

Omega Underground has come across yet another X-Men: Dark Phoenix audition tape and this one features Toby Huss. As per usual, the character's identity has been disguised and the scenes only vague allude to what will happen in the movie, but it definitely seems as if he's playing an alien character of some sort based on the transcript below. Could this be a member of the intergalactic Shi'ar Empire?

The site actually points out that, "The cadence in his voice suggests a foreign or alien nature to his character, as the person he talks to seemingly is unaware of the United States and maybe even humans." It could be he hails from Genosha, but seeing as the movie will revolve around Jean Grey and the Phoenix Force, it makes sense that Fox will (finally!) take the franchise in a cosmic direction. 

Hoover: Have you learned their language?
2nd Character: Please, there are only 171,000 more than 40,000 of which are obsolete. 
Hoover: They are a primitive people. They have never been a threat to anyone but themselves. 
2nd Character: If that was so true, we wouldn’t be here. So, what have you learned? What type of weapons do they have? Who are their most powerful protectors? 
Hoover: They call themselves SEALS, and their the ones responsible for what’s happened.

It's probably going to be a while before we get any solid X-Men: Dark Phoenix casting news, but if Simon Kinberg is introducing the Shi'ar Empire here, there are a lot of characters yet to be cast. Which of them Huss will potentially play remains to be seen, but it's about time the X-Men head into space!
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