X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX Audition Videos Have Led To Speculation That Rogue Is Being Recast

X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX Audition Videos Have Led To Speculation That Rogue Is Being Recast

Some audition videos for X-Men: Dark Phoenix have popped up online, and there's a chance one of the young actors is actually reading for the role of Rogue. Have a look and see what you think...

Though we still don't know who'll direct the picture, the latest installment in 20th Century Fox's main X-Men saga, Dark Phoenix, is reportedly gearing up to commence production in Montreal in just over a month. No new cast members have been announced yet, but Omega Underground has turned up some audition videos featuring a trio of hopeful actors reading for roles: Rarmian Newtown (The Family, Dance Academy) for both Colin and Shane, Alexa Swinton (Billions) for Marie, and newcomer Paul Mescal for Sam.

As is often the case, the characters' real identities are most likely hidden behind fake names, but the fact that Swinton is reading for "Marie" has led to speculation that we may see a much younger version of Rogue in the film. Swinton's video doesn't really offer any evidence of this (though it does seem clear that she is playing a mutant), but younger versions of the likes of Cyclops, Jean and Nightcrawler were all introduced in Apocalypse, so it does make sense that they'd get around to Rogue eventually.

Not many clues to Colin or Shane's identities, either, but Newtown does seem to make reference to having some sort of teleportation-like ability while reading for the latter. There's even less of Sam, but there aren't that many Irish characters in the X-universe, so I'm thinking maybe Banshee?

At any rate, all just speculation for now, but have a look and be sure to share your own theories in the usual place.

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