Detailed X-Men: First Class Scene Descriptions

Detailed X-Men: First Class Scene Descriptions

Detailed <i>X-Men: First Class</i> Scene Descriptions

In this month's issue of Empire, the magazine has printed some fairly detailed scene descriptions from their visit to the set of Mathew Vaughn's X prequel. Click for more info on the creation of Cerebro, a fight between Xavier and Magneto and more..

There are some detailed descriptions in this month's First Class issue of Empire including dialog etc. So a SPOILER WARNING is obvious.

The first scene they witnessed was the birth of Cerebro as Charles Xavier puts on the dome shaped helmet for the first time. It seems that in this movie's continuity, the machine was built by Henry McCoy!..

McAvoy, Fassbender, Hoult and Jennifer Lawrence enter the lab. Hoult(Hank McCoy) briefly explains what Cerebro is. "It's Spanish for brain". ..(McAvoy lowers the device onto his head).."Are you sure we cant shave your head Charles?" asks Fassbender. "Don't touch my hair" replies the egghead in waiting(that's one for the fanboys)

Next, the scene glimpsed in the trailers with Fassbender ramming a knife onto an unfortunate man's hand while sitting at a table. Empire have more details as to what is transpiring here..

..It features Erik, on a mission of vengeance against Shaw(Kevin Bacon) confronting a Swiss banker who may be the key to finding his nemesis. It's an intense scene , commendably played entirely in German, in which Erik exudes an air of quiet menace as he tortures the banker(metal fillings are never a good idea)in a callous way that's pure Connery.

Sean Connery. Alluding to an earlier conversation with Vaughn in which he says of Fassbender: "Fassbender is fucking Bond". We assume he doesn't mean this literally. Finally, Empire reveal that Magneto and Xavier come to blows in the movie, and in the conventional sense too...

[You will see] Charles and Erik duking it out in a third act fist fight that eschews the conventions of the genre. "Fox were saying, Mathew people want to see super heroes use their powers" says Vaughn. "But not in this fucking film. They don't always say I'm going to blow you up or mind fuck you or bend you in half. Sometimes they just want to punch each other. That, to me, is what's different"

For much more pick up the latest issue of Empire on sale now. But keep an eye on CBM for a few more surprises from the mag later on.

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