Does " X-Men" + James Cameron = SUCCESS?

Does " X-Men"  +  James Cameron =  SUCCESS?

James Cameron has been attached to Fox studios for future projects.
Fox owns the 'X-Men' properties at the moment.
What if Fox offered Cameron an 'X-Men' project, or even a 'Fantastic Four' re-boot? Would he be up to the task, or miserably fail?

We all regretfully know that Fox Studios owns , for now , the 'X-Men ' and 'Fantastic Four' properties. Although the last 'X-Men' movie was a surprise hit, it doesn't have to end there.
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James Cameron is now relatively cosy with Fox - having a business arrangement for future projects- which means it is feasible for Fox to offer him the opportunity to take the helm on future MARVEL character based films.
But would he know how to handle the CBM genre?
As of this date, James Cameron has the distinction of having the two top international box office grosser's in 'Avatar'( #1) and 'Titanic'(#2).
If you include 'Terminator' ,'Rambo:First Blood' ,'Aliens' ,'Terminator II:Judgement Day' as well as 'Dark Angel'(TV series) he has amassed quite a resume for himself.
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Clearly , the elements of sci-fi and action/adventure are subject matters with which he is very familiar- and successful- in producing.
So it's not beyond the realm of possibility he could handle the expectations fans and the general public have of CBM's.
Although most of his past successes are original concepts, comic books have been around before the man was even born. And being that the subject matter is so well established in popular culture internationally-!, he'd have to tread a fine line, being respectful of source material, and fans(us!) while bringing his own brand of style and success to the project. Not an easy task.
However , I think I'm willing to give him the chance(if it were up to me) to do his best and see what he comes up with!
He obviously has an incredible imagination, which could translate into a CBM that truly captures the LIMITLESS possibilities in comics themselves.
I don't know..what do you think?
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