Editorial: No More Of Bryan Singer's X-Men

Editorial: No More Of Bryan Singer's X-Men

This is an article where I'd like to voice out my problem with the Xmen director, Bryan Singer.

As you all know, Bryan Singer is probably one of the people who revolutionized the comicbookmovie industry. I certainly won't take that away from him. He gave us fans 2 good X-men movies which resulted as stepping stones for a few future marvel movies.

But i just want this guy away from the franchise. Why should i care for a director who couldn't even give a damn about his own continuity?

Havok as Cyclops father? GTFO!
Then how can you explain seeing Scott as a kid when Xavier uses Cerebro. That's just one of many.

Which is my biggest problem. I'm giving him a pass for Wolverine Origins (as he wasn't involved but should have) but he is responsible for timeline discrepancies which happened with X1, X2, and First Class where he had a big part as a producer... oh, i also hold accountable him for X3 because he decided that he's too big to finish the trilogy resulting to the ruining of the franchise... plus, he took Marsden with him and crapped out a boring superman movie.

As i watched his x-men movies again, i suddenly find myself saying that he did a nice x-men movie (which is the first movie) and a great Wolverine movie (which is the sequel).

I actually welcomed the idea of Logan not doing a cameo in FC but no, Singer had to put Jackman in, because he doesn't believe X-men won't work if Wolverine isn't there.

When you have X-men as the title of the movie, you don't go ahead and make a Wolverine and friends film. Logan always worked as the nay sayer of the group and the one who often challenged the leader. But because of Singer's vision, Logan ends up hugging all the screen time. And the rest can virtually say "take a hike."

Fox doesn't have a good anchor for their movies (unlike Kevin Feige and the marvel films) that's the reason that Singer/Fox x-men will go over the place. Singer's vision is limited to his imagination. I mean, Look at what Matthew Vaughn did with First Class (good). Jan Favrou with Iron Man 2 (bad)If Singer directed that movie, we would have ended up with a two hour Bryan Singer fantasy.

So this is what i want, get Bryan Singer out of the picture and get another director. A good one (unlike the asshole who made Origins whose name i refuse to mention. Make a bible and stick to it. Don't make too realistic. Not every movie has to be nolanized.

Thank you for reading.
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