EDITORIAL: The True Importance of The Character Wolverine

EDITORIAL: The True Importance of The Character Wolverine

This editorial is a direct letter to the comic book fans who have been saying Wolverine has been given a much not needed starring role within the films due to his influence. Here I explain why Wolverine is as essential to the X-Men and why his greater purpose is still needed, read on fans.

Hello bubs, this editorial is essentially a direct love letter to the comic book fans who have been over exclaiming the character of Wolverine has had a much larger role within the X-Men film universe than the comics. That being said there is a clear reason why the general audience wouldn't relate much to characters like Cyclops or any other average boring mutant. Wolverine is the most human like character there is. 20th Century Fox has greatly recognized the potential of this character even with Bryan Singer returning at the helm of the next great X-Men film Days of Future Past to once again make Wolverine a central focus towards the plot given. As I explained briefly in my editorial on "Why Wolverine Should Join The Fantastic Four" as why Wolverine would make the perfect addition (I still stand by my point), this is on why Wolverine is the most popular X-Men character to date and how that has directly come to influence the films.

Wolverine's first titular appearance came before the X-Men truly had a real existence within Marvel Comics. Yes the X-Men did come first but if wasn't until an issue of X-Men in 1975 revived the team along with Wolverine. Wolverine however was introduced one year before facing off against Marvel's green warrior The Incredible Hulk. Since then and his appearance in X-Men which has greatly benefited the character, Wolverine has served to be a reason why the spirit of Marvel is still alive today. Wolverine simply is awesome. For starters his costume in the comics is not your average typical superhero type costume. You know the original cowl and cape type look. He does have a mask but it's unlike Batman's or Spider-Man's own. That long black pointy outline over looking the yellow feature. It may not have yet translated to the big screen, but imagine how awesome it would look. Many fans have been craving for some sort of variation of Wolverine's costume within the films. Yes that has been a missed mark by 20th Century Fox I will admit that that's true, but everything else 20th Century Fox has done for the character has been more tremendous than what WB/DC has done for Batman and Superman combined. That is the focus value. As in the comics Wolverine not only has his own series but he is also an honorary member of the X-Men. He has a real multi-type value. He can achieve what he wants in terms of goals greatly alone or even greater with a team. Also just want to note he has had a TV show titled after him called Wolverine & The X-Men which proves his influence is strong.

It isn't Cyclops leading the X-Men and it sure isn't Professor X leading the X-Men into greater grounds, it is the spirit of Wolverine. His attitude sells it all. Like a combination of a Clint Eastwood Western character and a 80s action hero like Rambo rolled into one. Wolverine doesn't take it from anybody. He's not all gushy and rule abiding like Cyclops (He even punched Cyclops directly in the gut in the 90s X-Men Animated Series, how awesome). Wolverine is the kind of person that when you talk back to him he will make you eat your own words dead or alive. He could even give you a taste of his claws of fury. The simplicity of his powers is another major factor. He doesn't have laser beams and doesn't need to constantly hide his eyes behind some silly looking glasses. He doesn't have cheesy science fictiony mind reading or floating objects powers. He has his own strength to rely on and his claws including his healing factor. He is near invincible in all areas. Wolverine is Marvel's most famous Superman in terms of his powers. Forget Captain America because the only sense that Captain America compares to Superman is over glorifying the meaning of patriotism. In terms of powers also Captain America wouldn't even last one full on blow by Superman. Wolverine however would just stand there and take it like a true man.

This is the true human relation element I mentioned. The audiences want to see an invincible hero and a hero that compares to Superman. With Wolverine all that power is present. That is the real selling power 20th Century Fox has figured out. Hence why Wolverine has been given two successful solo films before any other X-Men character with another one being planned for the future. But the most forward success is his presence within the X-Men films. Everyone's favorite moment in an X-Men films has to involve Wolverine in some form. He is the one character that has crafted the main films (Aside from First Class) and everyone else is just playing a supporting role helping the story move along. Imagine the X-Men films without Wolverine dear comic book fans, how boring would that be? (Cough, First Class, Cough). It's the personality factor which has driven him even before the first X-Men film, it was Wolverine who has always been on the number one lists within Marvel Comics. Take a look at this example, in Amalgam Comics they combined Wolverine with one of DC's most popular characters, Batman. They didn't combine Wolverine with some second rate or third rate poor DC hero has to offer they combined him with Batman himself and made Dark Claw, isn't that awesome?

Also a known fact Wolverine has some of the greatest solo stories to offer out of any X-Men character. The film X2 considered to be one of the best X-Men and Marvel film of all time had a true further explanation of Wolverine's origins involving Weapon X from a popular Wolverine comic. That is a great example of how Wolverine greatly benefited to making a better X-Men film. 20th Century Fox even realized with the near box office failure of X-Men First Class (Not even the awesome Wolverine cameo could save it) they needed to bring him back again hence Days of Future Past which is not there to really reverse problems in the X-Men timelines but it is truly there to give Wolverine his dues once again as it always should be and should have been. It has been rumored they plan on scrapping the character but I don't see that happening anytime soon with what the character Wolverine has given them, that is hope.

Even the true dedication of actor Hugh Jackman who has continuously played him has brought that hope towards the films. A casting choice that didn't seem right towards fans at first but proved to be the greatest comic book casting since Christopher Reeve as Superman. Not even Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark/Iron Man could top Jackman's portrayal of Wolverine. At times with Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark it often seems like he is playing a lesser known version of himself but with Hugh Jackman as Wolverine I don't see Hugh Jackman at all but I only see Wolverine when he plays him. A great example is X-Men Origins Wolverine and seeing his origin as they were meant to be. Yes the film may not be perfect as it has its certain flaws but it's where Hugh Jackman really sold his stamp on the character. As in the recent film The Wolverine it told the view of the character adapting to a new environment. X-Men Origins Wolverine however was more of the character study about Logan becoming The Wolverine. It expanded upon Weapon X as previously seen in X2 and it also expanded further into Wolverine's past and what made him today. Up until the ending of the film, further more I would say it's a great film to enjoy and not just a comic book styled piece of entertainment. That is a real rare value towards Wolverine.

In deeper thoughts, Wolverine's own mind is a mystery. That is what audiences want a good mystery. To have an unpredictable character like Wolverine in the patch as a force not to be reckoned with. As other characters within the X-Men have a straight one dimensional typical personality, Wolverine has a much more evolving personality. He could be the good guy and he could be the bad guy. He could seem scary at first then he could also seem nice. The constant ever growing evolution of Wolverine leads the audience into wanting to explore more within him. No other character within the X-Men's history has not only evolved the films like him greatly. Further more seen in comics such as Old Man Logan one of the greatest Marvel comic book ever published.

I would like to also elaborate on an idea I had in mind for The Wolverine 2 since we are on this subject. Many people think it should follow a more rugged version as seen in Old Man Logan but I think we have had enough of the weak and limited power type Wolverine as his healing factor was lost within a portion of the film The Wolverine. I just want to see a hyper energetic Wolverine that cuts loose and gets the job done with no barriers to set himself behind. A strong and powerful Wolverine that would tear you from limb to limb and then hang you by your intestines from his claws while dangling you off a cliff, that is the type of Wolverine we need to see and fans have been hungry for. I hope 20th Century Fox sees through in giving this amazing titular character his real dues in an R Rated or more preferably NC-17 theatrical film. The R Rated CGI blood dots edits in the alternate The Wolverine cut was silly and pointless, it was just the same film all over again. He is a man with claws with weapons, take for example knives. When you get cut with knives you bleed uncontrollably. Wolverine is fueled on raw power and if that raw power isn't present then Wolverine is not present.

That concludes this claw slashing editorial! I hope every comic book fan now sees the greater importance of this character and why 20th Century Fox has chosen him to be the X-Men's own idol and model in the films. I definitely can't wait to check out X-Men Days of Future Past in theaters this year. Since the film X2 I have not skipped out on watching an X-Men film in theaters. Also can't wait for further news upon X-Men Apocalypse. Please comment below with your thoughts and opinions truly.

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