Ellen Page And Jessica Chastain Speak Out Against Former X-MEN Directors Brett Ratner And Bryan Singer

Ellen Page And Jessica Chastain Speak Out Against Former X-MEN Directors Brett Ratner And Bryan Singer

Ellen Page writes powerful post on Facebook detailing inappropriate behavior from Brett Ratner dealt on set of X-Men: The Last Stand. Jessica Chastain shares her thoughts on Bryan Singer on Twitter...

Ever since the Harvey Weinstein accusations of sexual assault have come to light, people in the film industry have now begun to speak out on the issues going on and their own experiences with sexual assault.

One of the latest men under fire for sexual assault and abusing their power is Brett Ratner, who directed the much reviled X-Men: The Last Stand. Olivia Munn, who plays Psylocke in the X-Men franchise, is among many of his accusers, but now another X-Men cast member has come out with their own experience of inappropriate behaviour from Ratner. 

                                                                                         (left to right: Ian Mckellan, Patrick Stewart, Brett Ratner, Hugh Jackman)

Ellen Page, who played Kitty Pryde, has written a powerful essay on Facebook in which she describes the homophobic behavior directed toward her from Ratner on the set of the film as well as other issues in the film industry she has experienced:

                                                                                                             (left to right: Oscar Isaac, Bryan Singer, Michael Fassbender, Alexandra Shipp)

Back in 2014, disturbing sexual assault allegations against X-Men franchise director Bryan Singer surfaced, but as the years passed, the allegations went quiet. The release of X-Men: Apocalypse did not really bring them back into discussion, but with the current events they are starting to resurface. Jessica Chastain, who has an undisclosed role in the next X-men film,  spoke out against Singer on Twitter: 

When a fan replied saying that she is a part of the X-Men franchise, Chastain said:

Update! - Anna Paquin, who played Rogue in the franchise, has posted on twitter supporting Ellen Page:

With the toxicity plaguing the film industry, and with the behaviour of these two X-Men directors, do you think any of the other stars of the X-Men films should speak out as well? 

What are your thoughts? Leave them in the comments below.

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