EXCLUSIVE: Opening Scene Details For THE WOLVERINE; Plus 2 New Set Photos

EXCLUSIVE: Opening Scene Details For THE WOLVERINE; Plus 2 New Set Photos

<font color=red>EXCLUSIVE:</font> Opening Scene Details For THE WOLVERINE; Plus 2 New Set Photos

New details about the opening scene of Hugh Jackman's The Wolverine hints at another villain being in the film. The movie will not only borrow elements from Frank Miller's "Japan Saga," but also from Brian K Vaughan's three-part series, Wolverine: Logan.

My source has provided ComicBookMovie with the two new set photos and details about an explosive opening scene.

My source has explained that this model is of a Japanese prisoner of war camp during World War II. This is all part of the opening scene that will feature an atomic bomb exploding!

We saw a blurrier version of this model a few days ago (Link) alongside some concept that art that also appears to show a massive explosion from an atomic bomb.

This would indicate that The Wolverine will not only incorporate the Silver Samurai, but also another mutant villain, Lt. Ethan Warren. The character was featured in Brian K Vaughan's mini-series, Wolverine: Logan.

Lt. Ethan Warren - Was a POW with Wolverine in Japan during World War II. They teamed up to escape and found a Japanese woman in the woods. Warran wanted to kill her, but Logan threatens to kill him if he does. They part company and Logan spends time with the lady, finding she would not have harmed them. Warren reappears and shoots Logan, and tries to rape the woman. She grabs a sword and attacks him, but Warren manages to stab her with his bayonet. Logan recovers from his wound and attacks Warren. They each discover the other is a mutant, incapable of being killed. Then a plane drops a nuclear bomb on them.

In the present, Warren, now a flaming skeleton man, finds Wolverine in Japan and attacks him. After some fighting, Warren rips out Wolverine's heart and eats it, restoring his human appearance. Wolverine stands up and continues the fight, shocking Warren, who tries to kill Logan with searing energy blast. Logan is unfazed and advances. Warren begs for mercy, but Logan kills him, then passes out. - Marvel Wiki

Now here comes the fun bit of speculating. Will we see the mutated fiery version of Lt. Ethan Warren in the conclusion of The Wolverine or will that be held off for a sequel? Chime in below, and also take a look at a second set photo.

The Wolverine will be directed by James Mangold (Knight and Day), from a script written by Christopher McQuarrie.. The cast includes: Hugh Jackamn (Logan/Wolverine), Svetlana Khodchenkova (Viper), Hiroyuki Sanada (Shingen), Hal Yamanouchi (Yashida), Tao Okamoto (Mariko), Rila Fukushima (Yukio), Brian Tee (Norubo Mori), and Will Yun Lee (Kenuichio Harada/Silver Samurai). The film will claw into theaters July 26, 2013.

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