Fox Chairman Tom Rothman Talks

Fox Chairman Tom Rothman Talks Got to interview Tom Rothman co-chairman of Fox. Rothman gave some answers on the future of the X-men franchise, Predator franchise, confirms Daredevil reboot and James Cameron's AVATAR! reporter Robert Sanchez went to the opening of X-Men Origins: Wolverine in Tempe, Arizona yesterday. On the redcarpter Robert Sanchez got the chance to interview Tom Rothman co-chairman of Fox.

Rothman when asked about Wolverine Origins 2(Japanese Storyline), Gambit spinoff, Deadpool spinoff, and X-men First Class responded with:

"If it[X-Men Origins:Wolverine] works out well, and we think it will. Then we're going to be hard at work on them."
He then went on to say:
"There are, for those true fans, who stay all they way to the end of the credits. There will be some hints on what ones are coming next..."

Then when asked about Predator, Rothman had to say this:
"[Robert Rodriquez] is going to be creative godfathering. Robert Rodriquez wrote a script of it himself about ten years ago and he is going back to that. So he is writing it, producing it, and he is doing it at his facility..."
"...[Robert Rodriquez] is going to choose the director, and he is going to over see it all..."

Then Rothman is asked about an Aliens prequel. Rothman explains there has been some talk, and Ridley Scott is toying with the idea.

Then when asked about a Daredevil reboot. Rothman says:
"Yes, but soon? I don't know. But, we are going to try to reboot."

Rothman gives no comment on the future of Fantastic Four.

And finally the movie I am most excited about James Cameron's Avatar. For those who do not already know this movie is supposed to change the way we see movies. It is supposed to do what Star Wars did back in its day.

Rothman has to say this:
"All things come to those who wait..."
He also confirms to get the real scoop on Avatar be at ComiCon.
Rothman says this:
"If you're interested in seeing THE movie that is going to change the way we see movies. Only if your interested in that. If your interested in an experience unlike anything you have ever had, I would show up at ComiCon..."

Avatar is a 3D live-action movie. FOX has been pretty tight lipped on the project and there has been little released.

I had the chance last tuesday to see Wes Studi talk to my Film class at the University of Kansas. Wes Studi is a great native american actor who has been in many great movies such as: Dances With Wolves, Last of the Mohicans, and Heat. He also starred in my Professor's latest movie that made the SunDance Festival, The Only Good Indian. Wes is supposed to be in Avatar and when asked about his role. Wes says:
"Well I play an inhabitant of another world." He was very relunctant to give out much more info besides Avatar is something very "New".

So we have some very big news on some of Fox's upcoming projects, Daredevil reboot, more to come in X-men, Predator reboot, possible Aliens prequel, and snippits of Avatar.

To watch the interview yourself follow the link below:
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