GAMBIT Audition Vid Finds THE VICTORIANS Actress Ali Rodney Reading For The Role Of Bella Donna Boudreaux

GAMBIT Audition Vid Finds THE VICTORIANS Actress Ali Rodney Reading For The Role Of Bella Donna Boudreaux

We recently found out that Gambit had finally been given an official release date, and now a new audition video has surfaced which sheds some light on the relationship between Remy Lebeau and Bella Donna.

On the heels of the news that 20th Century FOX has finally issued Gambit with an official release date, the guys over at Omega Underground have uncovered an audition video from last year which features actress Ali Rodney (The Victorians, Amy and Sophia) reading for the role of Remy's love interest, Bella Donna Boudreaux.

Blue is The Warmest Color star Lea Seydoux was previously attached to this part, but it looks like this latest incarnation of the project will be searching for a new actress to play the character.

The vid sees Bella Donna and Gambit engaged in conversation, and gives us some idea of the dynamic the two will share in the movie.


GAMBIT: It’s your coat.
BELLA: Okay, I’m not gonna play these games with you.
GAMBIT: I just need some intel. I don’t like working a job unless I know what I’m stealing.
BELLA: You have such little respect for me, you think I’d just tell you?
GAMBIT: Someone less manly than myself might say that you owe me.
BELLA: I don’t owe you shit! [laughs] Unless you got something for me.
GAMBIT: I think I have something you want. Something you’ve always wanted.
BELLA: Oh, I see, I’m going to pull back the curtain and dazzle me with intellect, huh?
GAMBIT: Why don’t we make a game of it? You answer a question, I’ll give you a peek in my mind. It’ll be like when we played strip poker.
BELLA: Hmm..Only with your thoughts. Alright, I’m game. Shoot.


G: That’s one of my worst [inaudable]
B: Yeah, that’s not fair.
G: [inaudable] ..we could have had everything.
B: Is that your question?
G: Yeah.
B: I.. I don’t know. I guess I just froze it was a chicken-shit thing to do. I guess I just saw a different side of you that day. A darker side it scared me. I didn’t feel safe with you.
G: You’re right, I was an asshole. I’m sorry.
B: Yeah, uh, I’m sorry too. Now, you owe me one more.
B: [smiles] What was that?
G: Those were my expectations. I think we need a hotel.
B: Yeah. [laughs]
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