The Lead Villain In GAMBIT May Have Been Revealed (And It's Not Who You're Expecting)

The Lead Villain In GAMBIT May Have Been Revealed (And It's Not Who You're Expecting)

There have been rumblings that Mr. Sinister will be Gambit's big bad but a new report points to the upcoming X-Men spinoff actually having a female lead villain. Hit the jump for what we know so far.

Gambit was supposed to be released around this time last year but the signs have all been pointing to the movie simply never happening for a while now. Well, it recently landed a release date of February 14th, 2019 and a director in the form of Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean), so things are finally looking up for the Cajun superhero who will be played by Channing Tatum in the long overdue spinoff. 

While recent rumours have pointed to Mr. Sinister being Gambit's lead villain, a new report reveals that Candra The Benefactress, a character best known as Red Death. In the comic books, she was a member of the immortal Externals and possessed extremely powerful telekinetic abilities. She was believed to have been killed by the X-Men after her power gem was destroyed, but has since returned with a new-found ability to feed on others' lifeforces. How much of that will be in the movie is obviously unclear.

However, considering the fact she controlled both the Thieves Guild and Assassins Guild in the source material, chances are she'll have a key role in Gambit even if her backstory is altered somewhat. 

Gambit is expected to be inspired by Ocean's 11 and will take place both in the past and present as we see Remy LeBeau develop a relationship with Bella Donna and later get hired by the evil 
Mr. Sinister. 
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