Has Patrick Stewart Confirmed That He Will Be Part Of Another X-MEN Movie?

Has Patrick Stewart Confirmed That He Will Be Part Of Another X-MEN Movie?

This is a bit sketchy, because it isn't verbal confirmation! But Stewart definitely suggests that he is on for more X movies, and while the source isn't rock solid, it makes for an interesting read nonetheless. Click for the details..

Bleeding Cool report that a member of the Comic Book Club podcast found himself serving Patrick Stewart in the Apple store where he works. According to them, after conversing with him for a bit he just came right out and asked..

"So, another X-Men movie?"

To which Stewart apparently "nodded".

That's all we got! But still, unless the legendary actor was just messing with the guy, it sounds like Stewart will indeed be a part of another X-flick , propably the planned sequel to X-Men: First Class, "Days Of Future Past", which will most likely link Mathew Vaughn's prequel/reboot with the previous Bryan Singer canon. Many fans already anticipated appearances from some of the cast from the previous movies - Stewart and Ian McKellen specifically - so this might not be too surprising. Anyway, as I said it's not exactly official confirmation. If you want to listen to the podcast for yourselves, click on the link back to Bleeding Cool below.

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