Has The Wolverine Been Delayed Yet Again?

Has <i>The Wolverine</i> Been Delayed Yet Again?

Moviehole have some potentially disturbing news for those already put out by the many problems plaguing Hugh Jackman's return to the screen as Wolverine. It seems scheduling issues and some turmoil in Japan may delay shooting once again...

This movie just can't seem to get a break. First Darren Aronofsky, a director anyone that knows anything about movies would have killed to see direct a CBM, was forced to walk away from the project. A decent replacement was found in Walk The Line's James Mangold but then shooting was put back to "early 2012". Well now that may be delayed even further.

From Clint at Moviehole..

I spoke to someone who had recently met with director James Mangold about mixing it up with that particular hairball on the big screen, and he/she has been told that due to some problems on the Japan side (not quite sure what; politics, red-tape and ill-fated “Grudge” remakes may have something to do with the dent in the relations there) the film has been delayed. Again. They’ll resume talks again next year. I don’t know when the film will happen, but I believe it will – the script is said to be stellar (as opposed to the first “Wolverine”, whose script I’d also use an ‘S’ word to describe).

There is also speculation that Hugh Jackman's commitment to another version of Les Miserables may be contributing to the hold up. Sources report that there is no definite set shoot date but it will most likely not be early 2012 anyway. I really want to see this happen. I'm probably not quite as critical of the last Wolverine flick as many of you but I am still aware that it wasn't nearly as good as it should have been. I want to see Hugh Jackman bow out of playing this character with a truly great movie. If that means it has to be delayed again then so be it, I just want it done right when it finally does come to fruition. How bout you guys? Upset or happy about this news?

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