Hugh Jackman Wants To Be 'Rebooted Not Replaced' When He Is Done Playing Wolverine.

Hugh Jackman Wants To Be 'Rebooted Not Replaced' When He Is Done Playing Wolverine.

Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman has revealed he would like to see his role go to a younger actor and be 'rebooted' similar to the approach taken in X-Men: First Class if the current continuity is too carry on. He compares his departure to Jerry Seinfeld by leaving his hit show at its peak.

Hugh Jackman has been starring a Wolverine for over 14 years in X-Men and Wolverine spin off films. Talk has turned lately to the inevitability of the actor retiring from the role of the adamantium clawed X-man. Jackman in an interview with Collider has stated that he'd like to see a younger actor take on the role.

"I just presume, in a way, that if it happens they will reboot," he revealed before going on to say: "I think you could replace him because he's older, but it would be interesting - because I was 30 when I got the role, it'd be interesting to follow that character from 20, or even 18, because we haven't seen it. So that's just what I assumed it would be."

The Les Miserables actor compared his exit to that of Jerry Seinfeld decision to end his sitcom at a high point saying;   "I was always really inspired by Jerry Seinfeld, how he left that show at its height on his own terms. I think that's a really smart way to do it. It'd be great to leave people wanting more, rather than the other way around,"
"It'd also be great to make the decision rather than getting that phone call, 'Now listen Hugh, I know you thought you were going to [keep going], and thank you so much for all you've done, but...' I think it would be much better to be making that decision together."

Will you miss Hugh Jackman when he eventually retires the claws? Do you have any thoughts on who could replace him? Share them below in the comments section!

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