Jason Flemyng Not Returning For X-MEN DAYS OF FUTURE PAST

Jason Flemyng Not Returning For X-MEN DAYS OF FUTURE PAST

Those who were hoping to see Azazel in the upcoming X-Men sequel Days Of Future Past may be in for a disappointment. Actor Jason Flemyng, who brought the character to life in First Class, has revealed that he will not be back for the second installment.

A number of actors from the previous X-Men trilogy have been confirmed for X-Men: Days Of Future Past. However, you can count out one person who was involved in First Class. Actor Jason Flemyng told Independent.IE that he doesn't think that he will be back for the movie. "I don’t think I will be back. Initially I was gutted, but then, I remembered I had to get up at two in the morning, I had to be painted red and be slightly out of focus and posed a lot, and that was sort of it. Now I don’t have to do that," explained Flemming. He went on to say that he is disappointed to not be working with the likes of Nicholas Hoult, Jennifer Lawrence, and James McAvoy, but thinks they will have a good time.

With the movie scheduled to shoot very soon, and Flemyng not hearing anything about needing to be ready to film, it is probably a safe bet that you can expect not to see him. However, we do live in an age of denial, and this could just be a tactic to throw us off. Whatever the case may be you can catch X-Men: Days Of Future past when it opens on July 18, 2014.

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